Reader Request: Incorporating Fine Jewelry

How to wear fine jewelry with your everyday outfits

Lovely reader Nique asked:

I would love it if you would do a post on how to incorporate fine jewelry into an outfit. I am very fortunate to have a dad and husband who like to give me gifts of jewelry, but I am finding that my accessory choices have been big and bold lately, and the fine pieces seem almost too delicate to make a statement. I love these pieces, so I don’t want to get rid of them, and I hate that they are sitting in my jewelry box languishing away, but I don’t really know what to do with them. read more

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Quick Shoe Storage Tip

OK, maybe you’ve all heard this one a billion times, but just in case:

If you store your shoes on shelves of any kind, you can increase your capacity by turning one half of each pair backwards. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’ll double your space, but it goes a surprisingly long way. Clearly this little trick won’t work if you’re using over-the-door shoe racks. But for all sandals, shoes, and boots that are stored soles-down on a flat surface, I’ve long utilized this technique to make the most of my limited space. read more

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Will it Fit Me Like That?

I’d estimate that I do 80% of my clothing, shoe, and accessory shopping online. And while shoes and accessories are slightly easier to procure without hassle, buying clothing online carries quite a few risks. No two companies measure their garments in the same way, and most use standardized size charts that aren’t applicable to more than half of the available garments. You’re unable to check potential purchases for material and construction quality. And, of course, nearly all online retailers use models. read more

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