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What Are You Waiting For?

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A girlfriend of mine has been unhappy with her body for … well, for as long as I’ve known her. She is one of the most naturally beautiful women I’ve ever known, and her generous, open, loving personality just serves to amplify the startling physical beauty that shines out from her silky hair, and ladylike hands, and creamy skin, and perfect-pout lips, and dive-into-me eyes.

But she battles her body, and loses.


She adjusts her food intake, and then adjusts it some more. She tries meal schedules and diets and avoidance of certain foods. She counts calories. She exercises twice as much as me and twice as hard. She varies her workout routine, and monitors her heart rate to optimize her efforts. read more

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Just Deserts

Your body gets blamed for its faults and criticized for its shortcomings. Your body gets lambasted for its weaknesses and scorned for its quirks. Your body gets abused and shamed and taken for granted and it all seems so easy, natural, normal.

But your body deserves so much more.

Your body deserves respect.
Acknowledgment for its natural, undeniable beauty.
Praise for its strength and resilience.
Acceptance of its precious uniqueness.
Your body deserves respect. read more

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Reversals of Language


I make sheath dresses sizzle, and my legs are PERFECT for making three-inch heels look like candy-coated sex.

My hips can fill out a pencil skirt like nobody’s business, my shoulders were made to show off boat neck tops, and my slender wrists make every bracelet seem like a delicate work of art.

My alabaster skin makes reds look redder and blacks look blacker.

My collarbone is the perfect canvas for necklaces both big and small.

My face makes every hat look chic and stylish, my ankles bring out the best in every strap, snap, and buckle, and my buttĀ can make a pair of fitted jeans sing, “Hallelujah.” read more

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