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Trust in Style

Some e-mails and comments I’ve gotten recently have led me to believe that it’s time for a reminder about the merit and weight of style advice, including my own.

I trust my readers to take everything I say and evaluate it for themselves. I trust every single one of you to read whatever I’ve written, mull it over, take what is useful to you, reject what is not, and question anything that confuses or concerns you.

I also trust that you’re doing this with ALL style advice. I trust you to look at anything labeled a style rule and make your own call: Does this rule apply to your life, lifestyle, personal style, budget, taste, age, body type? If not, there is no need to follow it. And no need to feel uneasy about rejecting it. read more

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Why Bother?

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As I get older, I realize that my body requires more and more upkeep. Some of that is down to my own ignorance; I washed my face with Dial soap until I was about 27 and wondered why I had so many zits. Now I use facial cleanser and moisturizer. Some of it is also down to personal preference; I am only now becoming curious about makeup, and I’m absolutely floored by how time consuming a minimal cosmetics routine can be.

But some of it is just aging. I need to stretch a lot longer before my workouts if I don’t want to injure myself, I need to eat more carefully if I don’t want to upset my suddenly-sensitive digestion, I need to moisturize my feet in summer and my elbows in winter, do an apple cider vinegar rinse every month for my dandruff, and slather myself in sunscreen every damned day. It feels like a lot of work. And there are entire worlds of body and style maintenance that I’ve never even glimpsed. read more

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Not Here to Decorate Your World


Reader aurelia.donka left the following comment on my post about jazzing up twinsets.

What, exactly, is wrong with dull clothes? It seems to me this falls into “I’m not here to decorate your world” territory. An unadorned twinset and black trousers constitutes a put-together, simple, un-fussy, functional, casual, comfortable outfit.

Where’s the line between dull and elegantly simple?

I had never heard that phrase before reading this comment, and initially it struck me as downright combative. I imagined that this response might be given when one is directly insulted; Told she dresses sloppily, poorly, dully, or hit by some snarky/inappropriate comment about ratty shoes or an outdated hairdo. read more

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