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Reader Request: How to Wear Capris

how to wear capris

Lovely reader burntphotograph popped this into the suggestion box a while back:

I’d love to see a post on capris … I’ve been reading a lot that they are not good for body proportions and various other reasons we should trash ours. What are your thoughts?

Weeelllll, my thoughts are many and varied. Capris come in SO many styles, and there really aren’t any hard-and-fast rules about who “can” and “cannot” wear them. Making capris, crops, and clamdiggers work for your body type is going to be a matter of experimentation. If you’re interested in wearing them but not sure how, I’ll level with you: Your best bet is to try on as many pairs in as many styles and as many hem-lengths as possible until you find a pair that flatters you. Or determine your ideal length with a regular pair of pants, some safety pins, and a friend willing to play fake-tailor, and THEN hit the shops. read more

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Reader Request: Sassy Swimwear

Back in May, I was flipping through InStyle’s swimsuit guide and thinking to myself, “Man, am I glad I haven’t gotten any reader requests for a suit guide. I know absolutely nothingĀ about swimsuits.”

Then I went to check my e-mail, and found this note from Lydia:

I have a request I’d like you to cover in a blog post – summer swimsuits. Finding a swimsuit, shopping for one, how to find suits that are flattering yet covering, good places to find them, and what trends (color, pattern, and style wise) are popular this summer. I know finding a bathing suit is a challenge most women face each spring, and we’d love some tips on how to know what is flattering, because so often bathing suit shopping is very frustrating! read more

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Figure Flattery as a Limiting Factor

figure flattery limiting

Jennine left a fantastically thought-provoking comment on this post:

i really like the sentiment of this, however i don’t know if i agree whole heartedly. just because i hear so many women who use the word ‘flattering’ as an excuse to not try new things with clothing which is a shame because there are so many great designers who make garments beyond our conception of ‘flattering’ which are a lot more expressive, and pushes fashion into an art form rather than a function. read more

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