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Reader Request: Packing Effectively

b. asked for …

Advice on how to dress/pack for travel, specifically business travel? Or are there some other bloggers out there who do this well?

I’ll answer the second question first: Audi of Fashion for Nerds is my personal idol when it comes to packing advice. Or, really, ANY advice about traveling. Start here:

Audi on packing clothing for travel
Part 1
Part 2

Audi on packing beauty products for travel
Part 1
Part 2

For further reading, Audi on making your travel dreams a reality
Part 1 – No More Excuses
Part 2 – Money Matters
Part 3 – Travel Tips for Families read more

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Be Kind to Yourself


We learn from a very young age that showing kindness to others is good, admirable, wise. We are taught to forgive our peers their trespasses, be patient with friends and family, offer support and love and understanding to all who seek it.

And we learn from a very young age that showing kindness to ourselves is a sign of weakness. Delicious foods are reserved for special occasions, and constitute “indulgence.” Massages, long naps, yoga, facials, and other practices that restore and refresh our bodies fall under “pampering.” Celebrating our bodies through stylish clothing and expressive makeup is chalked up to “vanity.” And, above all, we are taught that the natural forms our genes have sculpted from our precious human cells merit nothing but dissatisfaction and disappointment. Just as we are driven to be competitive and successful in our achievements, we are driven to be self-critical and unkind about our appearances. Somehow, somewhere, someone decided that kindness is something that can only be bestowed on others. read more

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Reader Request: Over-dressing and Under-dressing

Eternal*Voyageur said:

I´d love to know your thoughts about over-dressing: like wearing something nice to a supermarket and something really extravagant to a casual occasion. I don’t mean expensive pieces, but just something elaborate and pretty. Do you think overdressing is pathetic and a sign of a boring life, or do you think it´s the rest of the people under-dressing that´s the problem?

First of all, I don’t believe that ANY kind of dressing is pathetic. Every woman has her reasons for choosing her clothing, and assuming that I could accurately gauge those reasons by looking at her is pure foolishness. That goes for over-dressing, under-dressing, dressing differently from peers, dressing impractically, dressing in ways that I cannot personally fathom … you name it. I am continually fascinated by the choices of others, but do my best to reserve judgment. read more

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