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The Question of Health

weight health relationship

OK, I’ll admit it: I daydream about getting my big break. Catching the eye of some well-placed luminary and being given the chance to spread my message everywhere they’ll let me, across media, across boundaries, all over the world. But there’s a question I’ve been asked by a few readers and acquaintances that I’m certain would surface in daytime talk shows and on-the-spot interviews, and that question always clouds my daydreams.

So I want to address that question right here, right now, regardless of whether or not my big break ever comes. And here it is: read more

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Grouping: An Easy Route to a Happier Closet

organize your closet

A disorganized closet can cause SUCH style woes. Feel like you’ve got nothing to wear? That could be because you can’t find anything in that muddled¬†mishmosh of a wardrobe. At a loss for inspiration? Well, if you could see colors and textures spread out before you, your eye and imagination wouldn’t have to work so hard. Wearing the same combinations over and over? Maybe if you grouped your garments a little differently you’d be inclined to mix it up a bit more.

And it really is all about grouping. Yes, labeled storage bins and fancy hangers and neatly folded sweaters on well-spaced shelves are all grand … but many of us lack the money, time, and inclination to completely remodel our closets. If you’re looking for an easier way, here it is: read more

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Belts for Torsos

belt long waist short waist

We’ve talked about belting several times, but I completely understand why some of you still struggle with belting. The blogger-belt love affair is a long-standing one, and it can be colossally frustrating to see this fun accessory worn successfully by so many women, and STILL feel mystified as to how you might belt your own ensembles.

Well, recently I read something – in People Style Watch, of all places – that gave me a welcome jolt of new perspective on the world of belting. Something I should’ve realized long ago, but never quite did: read more

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