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Body Positive Music

body positive music

I’ve been trying to cook up a body positive music post for AGES and always hit a wall: Only a handful of songs came to mind.

So I chatted up my Facebook and Twitter friends and harvested a few awesome ideas. We’ll count ’em down backwards, Billboard style:

7. Lily Allen – Everything’s Just Wonderful
I do love me some Lily, and she’s definitely into subverting the dominant paradigm … but tends toward the whiny side of body image issues, which is why she’s last on MY list. Still, gotta give the girl credit for calling a spade a spade. read more

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Forgive Your Body

positive body image forgiveness
When my self-image bottoms out, I get adversarial: I pit my inner self against my body as if they are two are separate entities. I deem my physical self the enemy – a foreign, hostile combatant struggling to suffocate the true, non-corporeal me. I catalog its crimes, and read them out like a series of charges at an arraignment. Why can’t my belly firm up and shrink down? Why can’t my skin stop breaking out? Why can’t I be hairy on my head and my head alone? Why can’t my arms be slender and strong instead of meaty and strong? Why is my body DOING this to me? It’s all a plot. It’s all a cruel scheme meant to keep me from feeling beautiful and attractive and good. It is outright betrayal. read more

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Homework That’s Actually Fun to Do

outfit homework
Audi plans all her outfits a week in advance and hangs them on a roll rack for easy morning access. Kimberly outlines style inspiration calendars that encompass an entire month’s worth of themed ensembles. And me? I make myself late to my appointments by pawing through my closet post-shower, scrambling to assemble a not-boring, seasonally-appropriate getup in the 15-minute window that I allow for dressing.

OK, OK, so I actually do spend some time planning my daily wearings. I have my inspiration workbook, and my outfit list. And instead of counting sheep to lull myself into slumber, I lay in bed and mentally assemble possible outfits. But sometimes those imagined ensembles fail, and I am left without a plan and without inspiration. read more

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