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An Open Letter to the Clothing Industry About Diversity

fashion model diversity

I’ve tried to write this post half a dozen times and never quite felt like I’d accomplished what I’d set out to do. The whole “open letter” thing feels a bit like yelling into a well – satisfying for a moment, but with little lasting impact – and this particular open letter always gets pretty rant-y when I tackle it. It also gets pretty rambly, as I have thoughts for both high-end designers and mall stores.

But, boatload of caveats aside, I’ve got diversity on the brain right now so I guess it’s time to just give it a whirl. read more

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Proportion Play

It is absolutely amazing how much difference an inch can make. What? Oh, get your MIND out of the GUTTER, I’m talking about clothing! Here, check this out.

This skirt falls slightly above my natural waist:

It doesn’t make me look disproportionate but since it’s got a high hemline, it DOES visually shorten my torso.

This skirt sits right atop my hip bones:

Similar shape to the previous skirt, but because the waistline is lower it  creates the appearance of a slightly longer torso. It’s also quite short overall, so my proportions aren’t completely distorted nor are my legs shortened. read more

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Reader Request: Menswear Looks for Curvy Women

How to create menswear influenced looks for curvy women

Reader Eliza had this request:

I’d love to see something about wearing menswear inspired outfits when you have a curvier shape. I’ve seen so many cool photos and have many classmates who shop for little boy’s blazers, wear suspenders or flat caps, chop their hair short, etc. Somehow these things never seem to work for me. Real menswear doesn’t fit and adds twenty pounds, clothing that was actually designed for women loses the masculine edge, and it all looks sloppy or dated on me, rather than nonchalant and cool. Right now, the only way I can get a hint of this look in my closet is through tweedy fabrics and my beloved wristwatch (which is still a bit feminine, though it belonged to my great grandfather). Any styling advice you could give would be great! read more

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