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Body Love, Body Neutrality

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Before I became aware of the voices contributing to the body image conversation, most of the information that I took in about my body related to its faults. Because most of the messages promoted by the media and big business are about how women’s bodies are wrong and offensive, and require products and diets and surgeries to correct their crimes. I started this blog as a way to help counteract some of those negative messages, and soon found a community of writers who were also working to stem the tide of negativity. We wanted to show women that they didn’t need to hate their bodies, and help them learn how to do that. read more

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Reader Request: Managing a Massive Closet Purge

How to purge your closet

In a comment on my post about shifting my style, r.s. asked if I would talk a bit more about what it’s like to purge out a third of your wardrobe. And although I talked about some of the actions I took to make more focused and informed choices, I didn’t get into the nuts and bolts of the purge. And now I will!

For starters, even after this purge I still have lots of clothes. I had been focused on accumulation and wardrobe building for many years leading up to this change, so I had a lot to sort through and still have lots of options at my disposal. I say this because getting rid of a third of your wardrobe has considerably more impact if you’re already a minimalist who only owns 50 wardrobe items. read more

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Choices and Changes, Part 2

But wait! There’s more!

My realization that there was a disconnect between how I was dressing and how I wanted to dress is actually a fairly recent one. A month old now, maybe two. And I’m pretty certain it was spurred on by my hatred of polished nails. Not on you or anyone else, on me. Polished toenails work for me all summer: They’re easy to do well, easy to refresh, and don’t generally chip. (At least not on me. I don’t kick things very often.) My hands are a different story. Despite weekly polishing sessions, I still suck at doing my fingernails and more often than not either smudge them within an hour or chip them within a day of application. Also? I actually LIKE the way my unpolished nails look. My hands feel more like they are my own when they’re naked, or sporting a quick coat of clear. But two forces were at play that made me feel like polished fingernails were important: I worked in a style-related profession, and I dressed in a pretty traditionally feminine way. Either force on its own might not create sufficient pressure, but combined they had me painting my nails every week, cursing all the while. And I found myself wishing for something, a change or an excuse that would allow me to do bare nails without degrading my credibility. read more

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