Dressed for: Unexpected Layers

Already Pretty outfit featuring skater dress, printed silk skirt, Eileen Fisher scarf, Frye Carson Pull-on

Dress, H&M (not available online) – similar style
Scarf, courtesy Eileen Fisher
Skirt, thrifted – similar print/fabric
Boots – Frye Carson Pull On
Earrings, don’t remember – similar
Bracelet, gift – this is the one

This little skater dress set me back a whopping $7, but it sure did look a lot longer in the fitting room. Ah well. I’m more than happy to dress up AND extend its hemline with a little silk skirt action. Plus, this particular combo gave me the chance to trot out my beloved magenta cowgirls!

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30 Responses to “Dressed for: Unexpected Layers”

  1. D

    I think I have this same dress! I thought it was longer in the dressing room as well. The silk skirt is a good call, I’ll have to give that a try. I love those boots!

  2. Aoibhe GinandTonic

    Love this colour scheme, for some strange reason I banished navy from my wardrobe many years ago, lately it’s crept back in, this is great navy-spiration!

    oh, and your hair is just lovely!

  3. Frenchie

    Great flirty look! Reminds me of what I saw on Marni runway this season (referring to visible “slip” under dress). I have a few dresses that seem to have shrunk. This is a great way to extend their longevity.

  4. Aziraphale

    A dress layered over a skirt — what a great idea! That looks so cute I might have to try it sometime. 🙂

  5. Lauren

    This look is so flattering! I definitely have a couple dresses that I swear the hemlines have gotten higher…I never thought to layer a skirt underneath, thanks!

  6. Megan Mae

    That scarf – and all the magenta items – are gorgeous. Isn’t the transition to how something looks in a dressing room versus at home weird? I swear that happens to me all the time.

  7. Kelly

    I adore this outfit! One of my favorites you’ve ever posted.

    I want Magenta Fryes now! 🙂

  8. Lauren

    Dress & skirt-layering is one of my favorite things that I’ve picked up from fashion blogs (yours mainly, and a few others!). I love this look!

  9. Terri

    I like what you’ve done with the underskirt. And the palette here is very nice. For me, though, the scarf steals the show.

  10. Rina

    Someone else has the dress and I have the skirt! It’s Ann Taylor, right? Mine was also thrifted–well, it was a sample size purchased at the terrific charity store A Miner Miracle, in San Francisco. It is one of my favorite skirts and I never fail to get compliments on it. Love the way you styled it!

  11. anna

    i love layering skirts! here i thought i invented it…:) these colors are great!

  12. Anonymous

    Oh my freaking GOD! I just found your blog and…and it’s so inspiring. I’m a bit on the heavy side (curvy) and have an exotic look (half Asian) but I dress very blandly, wear too much black, look blah. None of my clothes express who I really am (creative, super curious, love the arts, city girl) and I’ve been trying for years to find the right look for myself. I love how your blog says it’s okay to go slow with finding your look and to wear color and prints and dresses. Love how you style your style includes boots too. I have some neat boots I never wear. I’m really looking forward to reading more and seeing what I can come up with for myself.

  13. Celynne

    I love those boots, they’re so happy and fun. The outfit looks great on you, and I love how you layered a second skirt to elongate the hemline, I’ve done that before too!

  14. Anne

    I know I’m echoing everyone else, but I had to jump in and say I love your outfit and THANK YOU for the layering skirts idea- I have an adorable gray dress that is a wee bit short for casual wear but I think it would look great with a bright skirt underneath… it’s kind of like a petticoat 🙂