Dressed for: Taking a Convertible for a Test-drive

Already Pretty outfit featuring Von Vonni convertible dress, green suede Seychelles platform pumps, leopard print handbag

Convertible dress, Von Vonni via Fab.com – similar at Target
Pumps, Seychelles (no longer available) – similar
Bag, Hype via LastCall
Necklace, Anne Moore Jewelry
Bracelet, thrifted – similar
Earrings, thrifted – similar

My mini obsession with all things cobalt gripped me on the day these dresses went on sale over at Fab.com. I nabbed this one and a maxi version using some credits, extremely curious to find out if the whole “convertible dress” thing would work for me.

I completely adore both dresses, though my main complaints are as follows: They come in one size. When is that EVER a good idea? The dress hemlines are straight, but can appear uneven depending on how you’re tied up. Also you can certainly contort the dress into a bajillion different configurations, but very few of them will successfully cover a regular bra. I love a regular bra. I loathe having to hunt down specialty bras.

All that said, I still felt pretty sassy in this dress and am excited to trot out its maxi twin soon. YouTube is lousy with videos showing ways to style these dresses, so I’ll have to do some research!

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35 Responses to “Dressed for: Taking a Convertible for a Test-drive”

  1. Natasha Fatah

    That is a great dress, in a gorgeous colour.
    And I’ve been noticing blue and green together all over the place and it looks so great!


  2. Carolyn

    I have a very similar dress to this one and, while I love it, yes, the bra thing is a pain. Perhaps if you find great ways to wear it, you can share them? Most of the ones I stumble upon aren’t really work appropriate…

  3. Ashe @ Ash in Fashion

    While this version may be one size, I’ve seen plenty of convertible dress makers who do sized options AND plus-sized (for those who want to hunt one down!).

    And I also have to admit– I’ve never been interested in one until now. The color + how you styled it? LAWD GET THAT ON MAH BODY NAO.

  4. Anne

    Bra and sizing issues aside, that just might be the best looking dress I’ve ever seen! It is a stunner. I would buy about five bras if I could look that great. I hope HM is taking you out because that’s what my friends and I call a “Babysitter” dress.

  5. Misfit Sarah

    Gorgeous GORGEOUS colour, Sal, I can see why you’re obsessed. And I love the shoes too – and the movement of the skirt. You have the most beautiful smile. Sarah xxx

  6. Megan Mae

    WOW! This is a fabulous dress. I always feared wrap dresses because of the possibility of them coming undone, however the way you have it tied looks pretty secure. Love the color on you! Your hair is lookin’ great btw.

  7. IonaK

    Wow! You look fabulous! Hope the drive lived up to the outfit 🙂

  8. Sandy

    The dress looks great. Went to Fab.com but didn’t see it there. Is there a name I should be looking for? Not sure what Fab.com is.


  9. M

    I made one of these last year and if you have even a little bit of sewing skills, this is a SUPER easy dress to make. That way you can also customize the length of the dress and the straps and adjust the dress part if you choose to wear it in a way that makes the hem appear uneven. You can make a half circle, full circle, a line, even pencil or ruched skirt part if you want. If you’re not feeling that adventurous, they go by a lot of different names (infinity dress, convertible dress, wrap dress) – which is also good if you’re looking for tutorials on how to tie them.

    Something else you can do, especially if you sew it yourself, is create a little tube of fabric of the same color of the fabric to wear over your chest. It helps guarantee coverage and help with a bra. I personally have no problem wearing this dress without a bra since the wrapping and multiple layers are supportive enough.

  10. Anonymous

    I love the color! The way you’ve tied it at the waist looks great, too.

    Could you possibly post some cobalt blue dresses in a future installment of “insomniac sale picks”? I’m not up to the complexity of a convertible dress (and that one is out of my price range anyway). It’s a great silhouette, though.

  11. ruth

    This looks great, but I have to say I have little sympathy for the idea of a ‘convertible’ dress. After all, however you wear it it will still be a cobalt dress. I think the designer should ‘make’ the style for you, just as a restaurant should make the meal. No enthusiasm for places where you pick the ingredients and cook them yourself. That’s what I do at home.
    But re the bra thing I am rather more relaxed. I do own a strapless bra for various special things, but mainly think that if your bra shows then unless the dress is for the very hottest weather, why not pop a camisole or other little top underneath? I recently bought a dress that has short sleeves and ENORMOUS arm holes, so will need this treatment as you can see in from the side every time I lift my arms. And I mean the whole of the side of my bra, plus a sliver of flesh below, not just a little glimpse.

  12. angie

    It certainly looks very feminine.I also take care when I buy something to fit my regular bras.or else it adds as an orphan in my closer.

  13. Angela

    I have that Von Vonni dress and maxi in different colors. I love this style for its ease and comfort. I got my dresses from ideeli, who offered coordinating tops to go with the dresses. I’ve tried wearing my dresses without the tube top underneath, and I just don’t feel quite as comfortable without it.

  14. Allie

    I love this look (are you surprised?), the colors are great and LOVE the pop of leopard!

    As for convertible dresses, I love the concept but I don’t find them as versatile for my body and lifestyle and I would hope. Like you, I find they need a specialty bra which rarely supports as well as a standard one, and they always end up making me look softer and shorter than I am. That being said, this color is killer and it looks FABULOUS on your figure! I’d love to see how else you would style it!

  15. Olga

    Oh, that color! I have a mini obsession about it too.

  16. Rocquelle

    I’ve always wondered about those convertible dresses, as I’ve never really seen anyOne wearing them. You look fantabulous in this dress Sally! The touches and green and leopard are so perfect!

  17. FutureLint

    I’ve always been curious about these dresses so I’m excited to hear you report back with your opinion!

  18. Becca

    Oooh I want one. Unfortunately the size I want is sold out on Target :'(
    I love how you’ve styled it, though I agree, looks hard to wear without a bra! Maybe I’ll try to find a tube top with bra inserts? Is there such a thing??

  19. Sheila

    I’ve been reading and loving this blog for over a year, but I’ve never commented before. You look stunning, Sal, and I’m now eyeing the gorgeous deep red shade of that dress – I have a couple of summer weddings to go to and it seems perfect! If anyone else is feeling similarly, a banner ad is offering me the code VONVON25 for $25 off a $100 purchase.

    Seems like a lot of people are talking about the bra-visibility issue, and I just wanted to mention that most makers of convertible dresses also make little bandeaus in matching fabric for about $15 to wear under the dress and provide a little extra coverage. Here are the ones by the company that made your dress, Sal, though your color seems to be out of stock at the moment: http://www.vonvonni.com/index.php/catalogsearch/result/?q=TRANSFORMER+TUBE

  20. Lib

    You look beautiful! There is a sale for Von Vonni on Fab. I’m afraid of the dress being too long on me and the fabric too insubstantial. Could you tell me how tall you are and what your inseam is? Does the fabric feel too thin or cheap?

    • Sal

      Hi Lib! I’m 5′ 5.5″ and my inseam is 31″. The maxi is long on me, but if I do platforms with it it works. The fabric has the bouncy-drape of mid-quality jersey. It’s not super thick and it clings a bit, but it’s not the kind that gets staticky and shows absolutely every indentation and bump.

      • Lib

        Thank you so much for the quick reply, very helpful. Again, you look beautiful and that color combination is fierce!

  21. Lib

    Also, there is a convertible dress brand called Henkaa that has a ton of styling videos posted online. *deep sigh* The models are teeny tiny little things though.