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The tub is his happy place.

When a reader asked DapperQ if masculine-of-center dressers still wore makeup, the editors responded, “Makeup is for feminine, masculine, and everything in between and outside of. Our motto is ‘Dress your authentic self,’ and that includes makeup and accessories.” Then shared some fantastic images of androgynous looks that feature makeup.

Joi continues to show of her mastery of color pairing, this time in peach and rust. LOVE.

4 Lessons My Aging Body Has Taught Me About Radical Self Love

Rajahnique shares five brands you might not know are tall-friendly.

It can be tough to shop for vintage clothes if you’re a petite woman, so I recommend checking Etsy where the vendors have done the scouting, research, and measuring for you.

“So-called dopamine dressing is everywhere this season. Based on the idea that wearing overtly fun clothes can help lift your mood in depressing times, it begs the question: can wearing ‘happy clothes’ really make us more happy?

Jane does classic rocker in a strong-shouldered blazer and studded ankle boots.

Nicole Kanjere is the founder of Mymilla, an online platform that brings together award-winning lingerie brands for D-K cup sizes. She also uses only unretouched photos on her site, and prominently features models of color.

Quick update: I used an Amazon credit to buy the Tria laser hair removal device, and I’m impressed. It has a bit of a tough time with stubborn, hormonally triggered areas like the chin, but elsewhere it seems effective. (Even pro laser hair removal treatments aren’t 100% effective on those areas, FYI.) If the big device is too spendy, they also have a mini.

“I took a lifetime of inherited bias against old people and turned it inward. If someone as exceptional as Nora Ephron was powerless to avoid internalized dissatisfaction about her neck, what chance did I stand? And yet, I began to realize, I was more afraid of the feelings that aging would inspire in me, than afraid of the physical changes.” (Via YLF)

Popped this sexy outfit from Crystal featuring a body-con olive dress and heels into my Soft, Summery Badassery Pinterest board for safekeeping.

Big ups to Patti for posting this fantastic all-thrift dressy outfit! Yes, you CAN thrift for office-friendly clothes!

Once it gets truly warm, I’ll start busting out the dresses again. Considering adding this drape-front maxi and this split-neck a-line to my closet.

“I can’t help but think that there’s a whole lot of physical pain I could have avoided if any of the medical professionals I saw had considered the fact that I might have a sporting injury. And I can’t help but wonder if the reason they didn’t has to do with my weight.”

Related: An excerpt from Big Fit Girl that’s well worth reading

Beach bunnies and water sport-lovers, this roundup of comfy water shoes is for you!

Alexandra shares her own moment of body-related hesitation, and urges her readers to plunge into their projects without fear.

I’m not designed to blend in, and people seem to have the need to remind me of this fact every chance they get as if they’re worried I will forget about the twitches of my muscles or the fact that I roll instead of walk. For most of my life, I wanted nothing more than to be invisible.”

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