A Few of My Favorite Body-positive Blogs

curvy yoga

As my weekly link roundups illustrate, I read a lot of blogs. A LOT. And I’d say I add two to three new ones to my feedly list every week, so my “lot” is ever-growing. Today, I want to share a few of the body image-focused and generally body-positive blogs that I enjoy and hope you’ll share some of YOUR favorites in the comments, too! (I certainly have room in my “lot” for more.)

Weightless – Not only does Margarita’s own writing focus on the issues surrounding weight and body image, but she does a spectacular job of rounding up and introducing other body-positive resources to her readers. She interviews authors, quotes from bloggers, and creates stellar link roundups.

Rosie Molinary – Rosie does promote her workshops quite a bit on her blog, but she also talks about her own experiences, reflects on working with her body image classes, shares inspirational quotes, and provides easy and interesting body-positive exercises.

Curvy Yoga – Here’s how amazing Anna’s blog is: I don’t like yoga AT ALL and I adore her blog. She views much of her subject matter through the lens of yoga practice, but shares insights about fat bias, what movement and fitness really mean, and self-love and care every single week.

Medicinal Marzipan – Mara writes about body image fairly regularly, but also muses on self-care in its many forms. If you are looking for uplifting inspirational writings, her blog is a wonderful one to add to your reading list.

The BeauCoo Blog – I don’t agree with or adore every single article on this blog, but the ones I dig, I REALLY dig. The authors cover everything from plus-size fashion to celebrity news to inspirational quotes and readings. Fairly light and fun, with the occasional impassioned rant.

Eat the Damn Cake – Kate writes intensely personal essays with decidedly universal appeal. She’s amazing.

Not Dead Yet Style – Patti is mostly focused on style and fashion, but her stance is so open and accepting and her body image-related posts are typically short but thought-provoking.

I Feel Delicious – General musings on sizeism, self-love, and body politics, but this blog also has a specific focus on geek girl culture, cosplay, and gaming.

About Face – This stellar site aims to equip women and girls with tools to understand and resist harmful media messages that affect their self-esteem and body image.

Body Love Wellness – Golda has lots of supportive, loving content to share, but she’s also got a fire in her belly and is an outspoken advocate for the Health At Every Size® movement.

Adios Barbie – Something of a clearinghouse for body image writing, this blog includes content specific to Adios Barbie but also collects recent, relevant, body image-related articles and posts from around the Internet.

Sociological Images – OK, not 100% body image stuff by any means, but when this site tackles the media, representation and lack thereof, sexism, racism, abelism, sizeism, and gender discrimination, look out. You will learn and be amazed.

The Beheld – Autumn’s blog is in sleep mode right now, but if you’re looking for some intellectually challenging and brain-bending reading material, pore over her archive. She may speak from an academic place, but she does it with an accessible, friendly voice.

Beauty Redefined – Lindsay and Lexie Kite are 28-year-old identical twin sisters with PhDs in the study of media and body image from the University of Utah. They are smart, passionate, and intent on changing how the world views and discusses women’s bodies.

Stumptuous – Infrequently updated, but funny, fiery posts about fitness, body image, and gym politics.

The Vagenda – Although these women are more focused on feminism than body image, the two subjects overlap quite regularly. Many contributors write for The Vagenda, but nearly all of them are hilarious, sassy, and fed up with how the media behaves itself when it comes to women.

Over to you: Got any body image or otherwise body-positive blogs that aren’t on this list? Tell us about your favorites in the comments!

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3 Responses to “A Few of My Favorite Body-positive Blogs”

  1. ballewal

    I love Curvy Yoga, SocImages, and Body Love Wellness.

    I have issue with The Vagenda, because I think they fail spectacularly at intersectionality in feminism. They’re hilarious and sassy, but when I read it I find that I want more from them.

  2. Shawna McComber

    I’m already a follower of Not Dead Yet Style and Sociological Images. Thanks for sharing more great blogs to investigate!