A Thin Line Between Love And Hate

I like to believe that I have an open-minded approach to style and fashion. It takes all kinds – an adage that seems fitting both for people and the clothes they wear. But as much as I’d like to tout the virtues of my sartorial acceptance, every once in awhile a style trend comes along the provokes my irrational prejudice. I become peevish and cranky, prone to vitriolic rants about pointy-toed shoes or the needless resurrection of Hammer-pants.

I was so angry when rompers came back in fashion a few years ago. “What are we? FIVE?” I’d snark everytime I saw magazine pics of grown women in one-piece suits. Sure I used to wear rompers all the time…but that was back in the seventies when I was super-wee kid!

But the truth is, my resistance was borne of fear. I loved rompers when I was super wee kid. They were easy, comfortable and cute. Those are qualities I still look for in the clothing I purchase today. And I began to consider, that maybe I didn’t hate rompers, so much as I was intimidated by the challenge of wearing one without looking like an overgrown kindergartener.

Sometimes the only way to conquer a fear, is to face it head on. Last summer, I was shopping for some summer duds, when a super-cute romper caught my eye and I thought, what the heck?  Might as well give it a whirl.  I was shocked to discover that I loved the look of that simple one-piece shorts suit.It was comfy, cute and when I paired it with some funky accessories, it felt anything but juvenile.


Romper – Jessica Simpson

Sandals – Nine West – similar

And just like that I became a zealous romper convert. They’ve been a lifesaver these past couple of weeks when the temperature in Ottawa has risen sharply from just below the freezing mark to a sweltering 29 degrees Celcius. (That’s 85 for those of you that think in Farenheit).


 Romper – Old Navy

Jacket – Old Navy – similar

Hat – gift

Sandals – Rieker


Romper – Gap – similar

Scarf – Thrifted

Shoes – Chinese Laundry – similar

What about you? Is there a style trend that you initially rejected and then embraced? I’m currently nursing a grudge against peplums. If any of you are betting people, put money on me wearing a Judy Jetson style frock by Fall 2014.

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Already Pretty contributor Nadine Thornhill is a sex educator and blogger at Adorkable Undies. She is also a burlesque performer, poet and playwright, living in Ottawa, Ontario – Canada’s national capital. Her writing tends toward subjects such as clitorises, feminism, vibrators, body image, gender politics and non-monogamy. She is a passionately committed Scrabble player and lifelong klutz, having sustained 16 concussions to date

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20 Responses to “A Thin Line Between Love And Hate”

  1. Gracey at Fashion for Giants

    Oh, Nadine, I love you in rompers! That first one is especially cute! I’m still anti-romper for myself; I just can’t see them looking good on my giant self.

    I was against the neon trend when it first resurfaced, but now I rather like it and wear it fairly regularly. In small, sane doses only though. 😉

    • Nadine

      Neon is another one of those trends that I’ve avoided thus far, also because I’m afraid I’ll look like a ten year old. But I might try your small does approach. One advantage of dark skin – it goes well with bright colours. 🙂

    • Ashe

      I’m also feeling “SO NOT SURE ABOUT THIS” towards rompers. Like you, Gracey, I question whether they’d look good on my plus-size frame. That being said, I love the idea that they’re basically dresses with shorts built in, which means one less layer in our hot hot summers…

  2. lagatta à montréal

    Given the “openness” of the subjects lovely Ottawan Nadine is willing to touch upon, I’ll add mine. Those must be horrible when one has to pee!

    I’d like the above two better if they were little summer dresses. I don’t see the point. If you want to wear them on a bicycle, you can wear cute lycra shorts (in pretty colours) underneath.

    • Nadine

      Hee! I guess I’m not the only one with share-all tendencies around here 🙂

      Actually the second and third outfits have elastic at the waist and chest which makes them super easy to yank down when natural calls. The first one buttons and ties at the waist, so getting out of it at bathroom time is a little trickier.

  3. Sufiya

    Actually , I came around to pointy toes.. I found these absolutely gaudy beaded mules with pointy toes and tried them on because I liked the beading…and I fell in love with pointy toes for the first time ever! before I dismissed them as ‘witchy’ and ridiculous, but those beaded shoes did me in..and now I have about 7 or 8 pairs of pointy-toe shoes.

  4. Lynne

    I gotta say, I’ve been rockin’ the hammer pants, and I looooooove them. Sorry! Actually, no. I’m not. I overheard some women in the changeroom at the gym dissing them because they “make you look short”. I have a 36″ inseam. I like ’em!

  5. Cynthia

    I have a hate-hate relationship with trends, especially since I think that following style blogs really damaged my relationship with my own preferences over the last couple of years. I’m just starting to find my way back. Drop-crotch pants are a particular pet peeve of mine…stop trying to make that happen, people!!!

  6. liz

    I went through my own romper phase a few years ago, and let me say: those rompers look AMAZING on you! You really pull them off beautifully! Also, I agree re: peplums. Just Say No.

  7. Gia

    Funny I’m currently loving peplums and hating jumpsuits, but I might have to try it now ’cause my biggest fear of wearing them was that I would look like a kid again I’m a bit short so that doesn’t help.
    P.S. You look great.

  8. jenny

    Anyone else notice how dress trends tend to be reversing? Toddlers and infants are in bikinis and heels and grown women are being sold rompers and onesies. It’s weird.

  9. Cassie

    You look great in rompers. I seem to be the same way about trends. The minute I say that I’m not a fan of a particular trend or style, that trend becomes a frequent part of my wardrobe (color blocking and head-to-toe color come to mind).

    I like harem pants, but being super petite and curvy, they are just not a great choice for me.


    • Nadine

      Cassie – I have similar issues with harem pants. I guess I could have them altered but I’m loathe to spend money on tailoring on clothing that’s so casual.

  10. Angela

    It took me a few seasons to warm up to leggings. That’s another look we sported when we were kids (for those of us who are children of the 80s) that I wasn’t initially happy to see again. Now I love them as a weekend ensemble staple!

    • Nadine

      Do you think the childhood association contributes to our reluctance to try certain styles? That we think of them as childish not because the clothing itself is juvenile, but because we happened to be children when they were popular?

  11. Annabeth

    You look great in rompers, Nadine. But I wouldn’t! First of all, I’m in my early 40s, which I think makes the style harder to pull off. Second, I’m very busty, which means the same garment that fits me well in the waist and hips is likely to be too tight in the chest; some styles of dress allow me to work with that, but rompers mostly wouldn’t. Finally, I have an extremely long torso, which would make fitting a romper even tougher. It’s just not a trend that’s going to work for me. It’s that way sometimes.

    One trend I’m very unsure how to feel about is the current wave of florals. This is another one that I feel like is very age-dependent; the same floral blazer that will make a 21-year-old look fresh and on-trend might make me look like I’m trying to relive my teen years in the 1980s. But I recently found a fun floral skirt on sale and ordered it, so I’m going to see if that works for me. I might get converted yet!

  12. LinB

    I initially rejected the whole “short pants” thing: capri, Bermuda, clam digger, pedal pusher, etc. Then I wore them for a few years. I came to realize that my initial instinct never to wear such an awkward length was correct. The proportion is just too odd on my long-waisted, short-legged body. Humpty Dumpty has never been my style icon. So, I re-rejected that length. I also resolved never to wear shorts in public, either, for the same reason. Pants legs must go at all the way down past my ankle. Setting some reasonable limits for oneself is quite freeing: I don’t have to keep making that decision over and over.

  13. Evelyn Lamb

    With rompers, I can’t get over the peeing problem mentioned above. They look really cute on a lot of people (including you!), but whenever I see someone wearing one, I just think about the fact that she’ll be peeing shirtless in a public bathroom at some point.
    It took me YEARS to warm to skinny jeans. I have big hips and muscular legs, which for me means they look sculpted and sexy below the knees but just big in the thighs. For years I thought I would have to ride out the skinny pants trend. Finally I saw them on enough different body shapes that I got used to them and decided I wouldn’t vaporize in a pair. I still think flare/bootcuts are more flattering on me, but I do rock skinny pants, including brightly colored ones.

  14. Shaye

    Skinny jeans.

    Even now I really only love cropped skinny pointe pants. I prefer a simple straight leg in full-length pants. Something about showing my ankle keeps me from looking like an ice cream cone.

    Of course, that would potentially change if I could find a true pair of skinny jeans that weren’t so low rise I spent the entire day hiking them back up over my voluptuous hips.