About Me

I give a lot of advice in this blog. I issue commands and get preachy and trumpet my opinions about behavior and thought processes and self-image and kindness and lots of other important stuff. And because that puts me in a position of assumed authority, I want to make a few things clear.

I am human, just like you. And that means that just because I command you to love yourself doesn’t mean that I love MYSELF every moment of every day. Practicing what you preach is extremely important … but practicing what you preach about positive self-image is also extremely difficult.

I write about body image because I struggle with it. And I mean DAILY, people. So if I post about loving yourself, I’m asking you to aspire as I aspire. I don’t actually expect you to pull it off every single day because I know it’s hard and personal and fluctuating and a lifelong battle. I can’t pull it off every single day either. And if I post about hating myself, I am not being hypocritical: I’m just being honest.

I don’t hate myself, though. I am learning to love myself tenderly and fully and in ways that I never imagined possible, and almost all of that is due to this blog. You’re helping me just as I may (or may not) be helping you. Nevertheless, I am a work in progress. Imperfect and prone to setbacks. I accept that about myself, and I trust you to do the same.

Additionally, you should be aware that I clown. I took myself too seriously for too long, and have only recently learned to laugh at myself. I enjoy having a nice, cathartic, public chuckle at my own bizarre human tendencies, and I do so with affection, and I hope that is always clear. I am funny and quirky and I like to talk about that. I will make fun of myself in this space, and I will laugh right along with you at how goofy I can be. And there’s a world of difference between that and self-loathing.

I am always amazed and elated to hear that people find my advice helpful and my edicts valuable. I want nothing more than to dedicate my life to helping women love themselves, and am moving swiftly down that path. But my advice comes from personal experience and observation, and is NOT infallible.

And, even more importantly, I am NOT a perfect person who follows her own advice to the letter every single day of her life. I try. I try with all my might. And just like you, sometimes I fail.

And that is 100% fine. For the both of us.

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