Already Pretty Style Journal Workbook

Part of the Already Pretty book system is the creation of a personalized style journal. I describe in great detail how best to go about this – with lots of organizational tips and ideas – and encourage everyone who tackles the full process to make a journal from scratch. But my reviewers pointed out that many folks could benefit from a pre-made workbook with all the pertinent questions and space for answers provided. So that’s what I’ve cooked up!

It’s called the Already Pretty Style Journal Workbook, and it’ll set you back $5. It’s very simple and pared-down: A 31-page, downloadable PDF document that includes pre-printed versions of questions asked within the text, and space for you to jot down your answers. The Style Journal Workbook is set up with 3-hole punch guides so you can pop it into a binder, a great solution that will allow you to slip in additional pages as needed.

Click here to download the Already Pretty Style Journal Workbook for $5

For information on how to purchase the book, click here! Or click on the image below to buy direct from Amazon.