Already Prettypoll: Do You Enjoy Shopping?

It’s Cyber Monday. And although that activity is focused on buying online and (typically) buying gifts for others, it got me thinking about shopping in general.

I’ve enjoyed shopping my whole life. I’m a “thrill of the hunt” kind of person in all arenas; I love researching, digging deep, exploring all of the available possibilities. And shopping for clothes is no exception, which is why I tend to gravitate toward behemoth sites like Amazon and eBay for my huntings. I’m constantly excited by the transformative power of style, and enjoy investigating its trappings.

But I have many friends and clients who absolutely loathe it: They get overwhelmed, their budgets are too tight to buy what they see and want, their sizes aren’t available at in-person shops, their personal styles aren’t represented by mass-produced lines, they feel guilty spending on themselves instead of their families. The media loves to portray all women as shopping fiends, but it simply isn’t true.

Do you enjoy shopping for clothes, shoes, and accessories? Why or why not? Have you always felt this way, or has something shifted over time?

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10 Responses to “Already Prettypoll: Do You Enjoy Shopping?”

  1. Andrea

    Growing up, my mom hated shopping. Hated it. Clothes were utilitarian, period. But I longed for the current, beautiful, fun things I saw around me all the time. Reaching adulthood, I slowly began to realize that I really enjoy shopping, though it took me even longer to understand what suits me best and how best to shop for targeted items. Now, in my 40s, I definitely love to shop for new items, but I have parameters: most of my shopping is done online, and the vast majority of that is done at a handful of retailers I know work for my lifestyle, sizing, and price point. Occasionally I’ll stop in at a brick-and-mortar version of one of these stores if I want to pick up something quickly or to check whether they have an item that’s not online, but I don’t like to spend a lot of time physically browsing items. I will not shop at a department store; way too overwhelming & takes way too long. Every so often I’ll come across an item or style that’s an outlier to the stores I usually frequent, so I’ll go on a hunt for it (online) at an expanded list of retailers I’ve purchased once or twice from in the past, but that’s not very often. It works for me!

  2. poodletail

    No. I have a few go-to stores, both brick-and-mortar and online. Usually it works that I dream something up and know where to look for it. Then I’m done. I enjoy the dreaming-up part and the having it part but not the getting.

  3. Connie Turner

    I love shopping mostly clothes shopping because I love clothes. I really like to thrift shop because of price and the thrill of the hunt is especially good when you find something wonderful in a thrift for a really low low price. There are some very unusual things available that way too.

  4. Naomi

    I have switched away from in-person shopping to mostly online. A couple reasons include that in person shopping leads to too many impulse purchases and I’m trying to stick to a capsule/minimal wardrobe. Also, when I’m online I can get exactly what I want with few distractions.
    Having said that, I love shopping when I’m on vacation at unique stores I’ll likely never see again for “treasures” as a reminder of my time there. I also love going on etsy and ebay for finds and I *love* thrifting.
    I find that I can’t justify shopping at old standbys anymore–Target, Old Navy, Gap, etc–the quality isn’t there most of the time and all I can think is “sweatshop! labor violations! cheap rags your grandmother wouldn’t wear to clean the house in!” etc etc. (Just me—not trying to guilt trip budget conscious or busy moms or whomever!)
    I try to spend money on the highest quality item and most eco/labor friendly I can afford. Still working on that one!

  5. San

    I do not really enjoy shopping, but sometimes, when I stroll through the city, and can walk into stores without pressure, I might actually not find it too bad 😉

  6. dragon_clarinet

    I love shopping in my imagination more than in reality. In my imagination, what I want is available, is sized for women like me, money is no object, and the choices are beyond compare. If I’m beset by insomnia, a go-to fantasy involves shopping at Barney’s–everything’s wonderful, there is no remorse. In reality, I live in a rural area with few choices. It’s an hour away to the nearest mall, and the selections there aren’t dependable. And, my size. 4′ 10″ tall, 120#, makes the shopping experience depressing and hard to not take personally. I mean, I get why manufacturers are skewing for taller women! I need only look around. I always start out with that “thrill of the hunt” attitude, but it quickly dissipates. Thank goodness for online shopping–but even there, petite choices are very limited. In order to look good, shopping has to be a bigger project than I’d like–more time, more research, more alterations. So frustrating!

  7. Jean Thilmany

    I enjoy the thrill of the hunt and looking for the offbeat but loathe mall stores. I thrift and buy online (ebay) but the latter is dangerous to me, with a desk job.

  8. oohlookasquirrel

    I love shopping, online and in person, provided that it is my sort of store. I’ve gotten to the point at which I have to tell myself that I can’t go to the thrift store until I fix up a bunch of the thrifted items sitting in my mending pile waiting for buttons or other quick fixes.

    I really hate being in a mall unless it is a quick mission for a specific item, because everything is out of my budget, not my style, or both. I don’t enjoy shopping if I’m looking for a specific thing and can’t find it, especially if that thing involves trying on lots of ill-fitting clothing, but I’ve learned not to do that to myself anymore. Finding jeans used to be awful, but I gave them up and I feel much better now. Finding bras was bad until I learned that I was shopping at the wrong stores. I tried different stores and read online reviews written for people with my body type, and I eventually figured out what I need.

  9. Pretty pink

    I enjoy building my collection of items that actually fit me well ( not easy at my under 5 foot size) and blend into what I understand to be my (evolving) style : ). I shop online much more than in brick-mortar stores. I window shop a lot more than I actually shop- I will spend days looking at things and even then might eventually end up returning it, but thats what I love about online shopping, its slow and easy pace, ease of returns and watching out for items to go on sale. I have a small-medium size wardrobe but each item has been truly desired over time and very carefully selected to fit my style evolution journey.

  10. Cathi Payne

    I think I liked the idea of shopping, because society said I was supposed to, but it was often frustrating, with disappointing results. As I’ve come to understand more about my style and what I feel looks best on my body (shape), it hasn’t necessarily gotten easier, but I’m more at peace with leaving something behind, and coming home empty-handed.

    Much of my shopping is thrift, so I find it difficult to justify the prices in buying new, and consequently have much higher expectation of good fit for a new garment. I’m happy to work with altering something second-hand or low cost from a thrift shop, but of course you don’t always find exactly what you may be looking for. And I’m ok with that.