Already Prettypoll: Earrings, Necklaces, or Bracelets?

I was a necklace gal for ages, but I’ve been slowly shifting my focus to earrings. Giant dangly earrings aren’t practical for cold weather – high risk of catching on a scarf and yanking your lobe – which means this is not a pragmatic shift. But I’ve started to love the look of funky, jangly, even asymmetric earrings above and beyond my necklace affections. Especially now that we’ve got crawlers, duets, and jackets in the mix. If I could only wear one type of jewelry, it’d be earrings.

How about you? If you could only wear one type of jewelry, what would it be? Earrings, necklaces, or bracelets? Anyone out there a dyed-in-the-wool ring or brooch fan? Do tell!

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17 Responses to “Already Prettypoll: Earrings, Necklaces, or Bracelets?”

  1. Amita Basu

    Earrings for me too! In my experience they’re the most fuss-free. I haven’t really found necklaces to my taste. Pendants shift around and sometimes become face-back or hang oddly; bracelets usually fall over my narrow wrists and hang out around my thumb joint, as well as impeding typing. Earrings just stay put. I would love to explore brooches, if I could find nice lightweight ones that wouldn’t put my clothing at risk. (I have yet to try pinning brooches to my bra-strap, as Gracey recommends.)

  2. Ginger

    I always wear my Aggie ring, so I guess that would have to be it! Though I regard it less as jewelry and more as a tradition. For actually jewelry, it would be earrings. I dislike the feel of empty lobes. I used to love dangly earrings, but now they’ve started to annoy me and feel fussy. I really like larger (1/2″) studs now, because they add color and impact without being huge.

  3. Lina

    I’m an earring girl too, they just seem most convenient 🙂 I like dangly ones too and have been known to carry them to work in my purse and put them on at my desk (to avoid getting them tangled in complex outerwear :-P)

    I like bracelets too, but I sit in front of a computer all day long and wearing them gets uncomfortable (they get pressed into my wrists while typing). In the meantime, I’ve been trying to incorporate more necklaces in my outfits (still learning on that front).

  4. Kerry

    Definitely earrings. I’ve been playing with necklaces some, but still can’t figure out what styles work best with my outfits. Also, I wear scarves a lot in the fall and winter, and I love the look of a scarf and dangly or hoop earrings – I find the trick is not to have the earrings be too long.

  5. Jennifer

    If I had to pick one thing, I guess it’d be my watch. I work in a preschool, and can’t keep glancing at my cell phone except on break. I wear the same one everyday, but am looking to upgrade to a nicer model soon. But that’s mostly functional, so for fun, I’d say earrings. I haven’t gotten into the newer types yet, although I think they’re cool. I love big dangling earrings, mostly because they’re the one type you can (kinda) see through my thick curly hair.

  6. Psals

    Bracelets would be my pick, I wear the same stud earrings and thin gold chain every day (I’ve worn them for nearly two decades) so the only thing I swap on a regular basis is bracelets.

  7. lindaloui232

    I’m with you – definitely earrings. I have short hair so earrings are always visible. Rings would be second. Depending on the outfit, necklaces and bracelets don’t always work or show up well.

  8. Anna

    Earrings, definitely. I like necklaces, and I do wear bangle bracelets once in a while, but earrings comprise most of my jewellery.

  9. Courtney L.

    Necklaces. My ears are super sensitive and react to even the most hypoallergenic of earrings, so I rarely wear them. I like the idea and look of bracelets, but in practice, they bug the hell out of me when I wear them. So…necklaces it is!

  10. Rebekah Jaunty

    Earrings are generally my favorite, since they’re never in the way— but when I wear septum rings, wearing earrings makes my face look too “crowded” for my taste.

  11. Monica H

    Actually although it falls sort of in and sort of outside the realm of jewelry, I’d have to choose a watch as my indispensable accessory. I must know what time it is! And I’m not a phone person. I wear a watch at all times when not in the shower (yes, even while sleeping). If I had to choose between my watch and my wedding ring…. I’d hope my husband would understand!

    But, among the jewelry you listed, aside from my wedding ring, I’d choose a necklace. Especially now that I am growing my hair longer, my ears aren’t as visible anyway. Bracelets often annoy me (strange since I can tolerate my watch so well!) And I’ve only worn brooches a handful of times, and never a fashion ring. Just doesn’t seem to be my thing.

    But don’t take away my watch!

  12. loubeelou

    Good question! If I had to choose it would be rings for sure. Whenever I’m on a special trip (not like a work conference) I hunt for a ring to commemorate it. If there is a stone that is known to the region I’m visiting, I will go for that. Typically sterling silver base. Not more than $100. So I have a very meaningful collection and rings are nice because you can easily admire them on yourself when you’re typing away at work!

  13. Brianna Mintz

    Definitely necklaces. I wear either pearl studs or gold studs every day, so when I have tried to wear heavier earring styles in the past they are distracting and heavy. I am conservative with jewelry in general, so wearing a statement necklace feels like a big deal to me. Someday I hope to get into more interesting earring styles because I really admire them on other people.

  14. Emmy

    Rings for me. I seem to have sensitive skin everywhere except my wrists and fingers, and bracelets just get in the way when I write or type. I love looking at my jewellery too, which is not possible when wearing a necklace or earrings!

  15. Shelby Wright

    I love brooches! I have some lovely vintage pieces from my mum and her mum, some souvenirs (a couple of Celtic knots, an autumn leaf), some things that caught my eye when I’ve been op shopping, and one or two amazingly lucky finds (best so far: a gorgeous sterling silver filigree piece in the shape of an orchid, which I scored for $5 at a tiny coastal op shop). As well as decoration I use them for pinning scarves, fastening bolero cardigans, and making necklines a bit less revealing.

    On the other hand I’ve been committed to dangly earrings since about 1989 and I’m not sure I could live without them. And then there’s necklaces. And singleton earrings that I’ve made into necklaces. This is hard!