Already Prettypoll: Fashion Week

I buy the Vogue Paris Collections compilation twice a year. I have a note in my calendar that reminds me when the coming season has been released, and I buy and devour it immediately. And then I cruise through again a few more times over the following months to digest and re-read the commentary. It’s a ritual I enjoy, and helps me stay informed about trends and high-fashion happenings.

But I could not possibly care less about Fashion Week. Which is really Fashion Month for the people who attend shows in multiple locales, and they all write endlessly about it. I imagine it’s very exciting to be there and get swept up in the glamour, but I’m much happier taking my time and flipping through the highlights several months later.

I’ve never done any coverage of Fashion Week here because I assumed no one cared. I can’t imagine starting such coverage now, but I’m still curious:

Do you care about Fashion Week/Month? Do you follow any of the coverage? Gobble it up as it’s posted? Does what’s happening/trendy from the runways interest or affect you at all?

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11 Responses to “Already Prettypoll: Fashion Week”

  1. Jean Thilmany

    No, not the immediate breathless coverage. I’m unsure even if Milan, New York and Paris and I assume some other places have their fashion weeks at the same time. But I so enjoy reading about it later, as do you. And I like those “take it from the runway to real life” photos in other magazines. Thank you for the Vogue collections tip. Can you say when they’re released generally, for my own calendar?

    • Sally McGraw

      For sure! I’m usually able to find the Fall/Winter lookbook by mid-June, and the Spring/Summer one by mid-January. They’re expensive, but comprehensive.

  2. Isa Mclaren

    I love the glamour of Fashion Week. I gobble up images online and want more, more, more! But perhaps not for the reasons you think. You see, in addition to being a shop girl for a major department store, I’m also a crime fiction writer. My character is terribly vain and exceedingly steeped in what’s currently fashionable. So I have to be, too. Not the vain part, but steeped in fashion. Okay, it’s also because I love it, too.

  3. Jessica Robertson

    I enjoy watching fashion as an art form. I’d enjoy reading what you think.

  4. Ginger

    I like to look at the photo compilations that the NYT puts out.
    It does suggest what you will be seeing in the upcoming season. I’d think if you were a thrift shopper it would be useful to know what’s going to be stylish 6 months from now, just in case you run across something relevant.

    I’m not all that interested in the breathless photos of celebrities sitting on the front row at the shows.

  5. Shelbee on the Edge

    I’m more like you…I really enjoy the big, giant Fall/Winter editions (or Spring/Summer) of the fashion magazines (I just brought home ELLE and Glamour), but I don’t really follow fashion week play-by-play at all. I feel like it’s not for “real” people…not practical styles. But maybe I am missing something! But I do enjoy poring over my fashion magazines, for sure!

  6. BartSkipner

    I follow the coverage of those journalists/photographers that I esteem (like Vanessa Friedman, for example.) Of course, I want to see what’s happening–even if I’m not the target demographic, I know that the brands I do buy will be influenced by what’s shown. Fashion is one of the most publicly available of the the creative industries and it seems very dismissive to just ignore it or pretend that it doesn’t matter.

  7. Heather

    I buy & look through the big fat Vogue that comes out for fall/September. I’d enjoy your coverage – if you would choose to!

  8. Erika

    I follow fashion week entirely through, which is to say – I enjoy seeing what’s out there but I don’t take it seriously at all.