Already Prettypoll: Hair Fantasies

Aaaaand speaking of hair … I’ve written posts encouraging women to lop off their locks, but I know the pixie isn’t everyone’s hair fantasy. I also know that hair fantasies aren’t always possible. Yes, hair grows back … but maybe you’re a corporate lawyer who can’t have mermaid hair. Or maybe your infant insists on yanking any available strands, so cascading waves are off the table for the time being.

But let’s say you could do anything at all to your hair today, and have it go back to its current state tomorrow. What would you do? Chop it off? Color it wildly? Trade short hair for long? Go natural? Share your hair fantasies.

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23 Responses to “Already Prettypoll: Hair Fantasies”

  1. lindaloui232

    I’d definitely go from my current pixie to well below my shoulders, but I could never stand the grow out and I probably would not keep it that way for very long because of the styling time required. Also – bright purple or magenta short rocker hair is on my hair fantasy list, maybe with some extreme side shaving.

  2. beeejet

    Dye it! Some crazy fun colors!! I used to work with a girl that had long wavy/curly hair that she dyed pink and purple about every 3 or 4 months. It was AWESOME! I would think “I could that!” And then I’d realize that I don’t have to time to style my hair, much less care for colored hair. And also, she was 15 years my junior. I just don’t know that i could pull it off. Oh well, that’s what fantasies are for!! đŸ™‚

  3. loubeelou

    Pixie for sure – maybe like Jennifer Lawrence when she chopped hers. When I was a kid though, I used to wrap the towel around my head and pretend I was from Towel Land, a magical place where everyone’s hair was made out of long, luxurious towels. :p

  4. Jean Thilmany

    Pixie, like Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby. I have a round face and feel like I don’t have the large and striking eyes to carry that look off….but really do love a pixie.

  5. livi

    Very thick, silky hair down to my waist, and I’d be able to do all manor of braids and fancy updos.

  6. juana

    Can’t rock the Pixie myself. My jawline is not tight with a very round face and I have some post-age-50 jowling. A Pixie brings too much attention to the lower face. I like a long bob with a 60’s flipped up ends and shortish side-swiped bangs kind of like “That Girl” but in a nice shade of bronde. It’s a specific look but I love it! Very Zooey Deschanel too but a bit lighter and shorter.

  7. Alecia Ramsay

    I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow. I already went from shoulder-blade length hair to a chin-length bob (which I’ve had before) and now I’m considering going even shorter!

  8. Shelbee on the Edge

    I have always been partial to short hair. It works best on me with my hair. But in my fantasy, I would have long, wavy, beach locks! My hair is too thick and heavy for super long, it just gets weighed down and frizzy and blah. So I do adore my short, sassy locks! But mermaid hair, for sure, in my hair fantasy (or like Ginnifer Goodwin as Snow White in Once Upon a Time when she is in the Enchanted Forest with the long, messy fairytale locks!)

  9. Dust. Wind. Bun.

    I already go from pixie to mid-back every 5 years or so (because though everyone else thinks I look best with a chin-length bob I don’t really like it like that, I like my hair NOT TOUCHING ME ALL THE TIME DANG IT and pixies and updos satisfy that nicely) but I would love to be able to change back and forth without the growing out process!

    I’d also enjoy turning just my gray hairs to a fun color like blue without having to fuss with it. That probably wouldn’t be all that hard, now that I think about it – my non-gray color is dark brown, and the last time I did a cherry/brown wash, the dark hair stayed mostly the same and the grays turned cherry red. (It’s my compromise with my long-distance boyfriend: he worries that I look like a cougar with my gray hair and his baby face, so when I visit, I dye my hair to cover the gray, but never to my ‘natural’ color.)

    • Dust. Wind. Bun.

      omg I’ve always wished for that! Actually getting that skin fully scrubbed would feel GLORIOUS.

    • Nebraskim

      One of my friends wears her hair about 1/4 inch long. She always wanted to wear it that way but was nervous about “what people might say.” Then she had a little breast cancer scare. Luckily it was just a non-serious DCIS and required nothing other than a minor surgery to remove the tiny lesion; no chemo or radiation. And that gave her the courage to just go for it and not care about the judgy looks from others. At first, people thought she had chemo hair but in fact, she intended to look like Demi Moore in that Army movie. She loves it and she loves the ease of it. Yeah, she looks pretty radical, but she’s a boho at heart and it’s pretty perfect for her. The one sort of hilarious side effect is that she is frequently approached by lesbians asking for her number. She is the most generous and accepting person I know.

  10. Nebraskim

    Interestingly, I chopped my chin length bob to an Anne Hathaway style pixie yesterday and I’m loving it. My hair has been every length from below my hips to super short. While I love it long, I tend to default to pony-tail to get it out of my face; pony-tail is not a style. While I’m feeling a little naked right now, I really do love the extremely short hair on me. I’ve let my hair go natural color (which means more than a dusting of white on top but still dark brown in the back. When I did color it, I colored it with an intentionally OUT THERE look, like aubergine purple or cobalt blue or scarlet red. The whites would pick up the bright color and the brown would get get a darker sheen. The bad news for me with the really short hair is that I feel it accentuates my super long neck so I’m looking forward to turtleneck/scarf season again to cover that up. I have always disliked my long neck and exposed clavicles. I’m that one person for whom a v-neck is NOT attractive.

    • Dust. Wind. Bun.

      Hello hair dye (and natural coloring) twin! I refuse to “cover” my grays to match my natural color too. The cherry red looked quite sharp last time. Maybe I’ll go wilder next time – with a pixie cut, it’ll grow out fast enough if I get bored (even semi-permanent dyes hang around a long time on me).

  11. Keilexandra

    I’d like to try a short angled bob, which people are always recommending to me. The shortest I’ve gone is just at the shoulders, which looks good for about a month but then grows out awkwardly (and I am not willing to get my hair cut every 6 weeks, another reason why short hair is not for me). I might go back to long hair this winter, although probably not as long as the waist-length I had previously; I love the ease of updos but the weight isn’t good for your hair and my partner was Not Pleased with the shedding.

  12. Jess

    I have long mermaid-y hair which I am terrified to part with, so if I knew it would come back the next day I think I would go super short to see how it would look. Or maybe I would get crazy heavy bangs (think Zooey Deschanel in New Girl), those are so hard to commit to because they’re so miserable to grow out.

    Jess |

  13. Leslie Le

    I would love to go back to long hair, with the caveat that it wasn’t such a pain in the arse to style and wash and deal with and didn’t make me so hot. đŸ˜€