Already Prettypoll: Where Do You Love to Shop?

A question that I’m asked often and bungle just about every time is this: Where do you love to shop? I bungle it because I am such a focused shopper that I typically quest for a single, highly specific item online and then buy it. Online. Aside from thrifting, I don’t really shop in person much anymore.

So my top picks are Amazon and eBay, with a side order of Etsy for jewelry and accessories. But in terms of brick-and-mortar stores? I’m surprised to report that I’ve become a total sucker for the Gap. Their designs are just minimalist enough to be versatile, and just interesting enough to avoid seeming bland. Tiny boutiques rank high, too, and I love Local Motion and Showroom here in Minneapolis, The Mexican Shop in the Chicago ‘burbs, just about every shop in Hayes Valley, and Diana Kane in Park Slope.

Now let’s get this party started: Where do you LOVE to shop? Which designers or stores create items that really work for your style and lifestyle? Let us know why – in case someone else is looking for similar design features – and feel free to share links!

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16 Responses to “Already Prettypoll: Where Do You Love to Shop?”

  1. Stacy

    All over! H&M is one of my favorites for cheap(ish) and OK quality (if only they could delivery within a reasonable time frame!). Esprit is another of my favorites for when I want something with a bit more quality (and I don’t mind spending more…) and my newest find is British Retro for when a full circle 50s style dress is really the only option!

  2. Toni Rae Salmi

    I’ve been shopping a lot on Twice and ThredUp lately (thanks to your recommendations!) and always visit the consignment shop in my neighborhood on Capitol Hill in DC. I have been a ModCloth gal for some time, particularly when they have big sales, when you can get some pretty good deals. Zappos can be pretty great, plus you get your order so quickly. I will say I’ve never bought anything off of eBay. I am sure there are local boutiques here that I would love, but honestly, the consignment shops are so fruitful that I hardly ever buy anything new anymore.

  3. Suzanne Carillo

    Anthropologie all the way. In fact that is the only regular retail store I shop in anymore, well sometimes TJ Maxx. Otherwise I try to buy thrift, consignment or estate sales. I haven’t been able to kick my addiction to Anthro though. Their stores are beautiful, they smell great and they always invigorate my creativity.


  4. Talia

    I shop my local consignment shop a lot! Also, a bit fan of ThredUp, Talbots and JCPenney. For undergarments – Soma especially their vanishing edge undies! Best ever!

  5. Pam

    What happened to Corset? You don’t even mention them. Don’t you work there?

    • Sally McGraw

      Actually, I left the Corset team several months ago to focus on a variety of new writing projects. The store is a fabulous resource for Twin Cities shoppers, but I haven’t ended up buying much since my style has shifted.

  6. Lisa Wong

    I shop all over the place, but I find myself going back to Madewell and J. Crew time and again. What’s more, a lot of the pieces that survive multiple closet clean-outs, stick around for years, and are worn constantly are from Madewell and J. Crew.

  7. No Fear of Fashion

    I cannot really help here. I am in The Netherlands and I shop old school. As in brick and mortar shops. So much more fun. Besides I get so tired of returning boxes with clothes.

  8. JB

    One of my favorite places to shop is Designers Circus, which is a seasonal pop-up store with discounted designer clothing in a vast range of styles and price points. If you’re in the greater Boston area, it’s definitely something to check out!

  9. Nebraskim

    Because I live in the fashion backwater of Lincoln, Neb., my in-town stand-bys are Talbots and Eddie Bauer. But I shop pretty much everywhere. Yesterday, I found a great item at Kohl’s (a place I actually despise for a number of reasons: frumpy styling, stores always disheveled and merchandise is crowded, poorly displayed and arranged). I like J.Crew, Gap, Loft, Ann Taylor, Von Maur. When I travel, I enjoy shopping at Nordstrom. My style is classic, preppy, collegiate, sporty so I also tend to like retailers like LLBean and Lands’ End. And of course, Target.

  10. BBoo60

    I’m a devoted used clothing buyer — I love the sites! I troll regularly for Madewell (my fave), and I’ve found some great buys in their retail store this season as well. I also love Uniqlo (great basics), J. Crew Factory Store, T.J. Maxx, and Marshalls. I’ve learned to wait and make deals online, and to sell my old stuff when I find myself overspending.

  11. Dena Lacis

    Target, Forever 21, Banana Republic, Old Navy, LOFT, a little JC Penney, American Eagle. For secondhand, I like Clothes Mentor, Plato’s Closet, and Twice, where my choice of brands can vary widely. I LOVE Macy’s, and used to work there but now live no where near one. I pick and choose, for price and age appropriateness.

  12. Si Titran

    Mostly I shop at my local thrift shops and the best consignment shop ever, Two Big Blondes in Seattle. When I buy retail, its Asos, Forever 21+, and Eloquii. There are a lot of shops i’d like to shop at, like Zara or J. Crew, but they aren’t what I’d call size inclusive.

  13. Emmy

    I live in Hong Kong, but my main shops also have locations/mail order in the States. I love Muji and Uniqlo for well-made, reasonably-priced basics in neutral colours. Their Japanese sizing and fit work well for more petite folks like me — I love never needing to shorten sleeves and trousers! For the more interesting pieces in my wardrobe, I go to Zara and Topshop. They always have the best seasonal coats and jackets.