Already Prettypoll: Organization Help or Shopping Help?

My closet is relatively well-organized. I know where everything is, there’s plenty of room on the racks and shelves, and I cull regularly. But I daydream of hiring a contractor and a California Closets rep who would somehow transform my dinky 1920s storage area into a big, bright, walk-in. Or even just getting an organizer in there and kitting it all out with Container Store finery. I love the stuff in it, I just feel like the actual closet could benefit from some reorg.

Some people come from the opposite camp: They’ve got systems and dividers, color coding, and fancy hangers galore … they’re just bored to tears with the actual clothes. And unsure how to replace them with better or different ones.

Say you had some cash to put toward personal style revision. Would you rather have help organizing your current wardrobe, or help shopping for new items?

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9 Responses to “Already Prettypoll: Organization Help or Shopping Help?”

  1. Heather Harrell

    Organization here. I tend to be a very classic dresser, but nothing drives me crazier than not being able to find the outfit I have in mind!

  2. Zaianya

    I’m pretty good at organization–shopping is definitely where I’d want help!

    • Rebekah Jaunty

      Same here. I find organizing relaxing and don’t need help storing things more efficiently… but having a second set of eyes to work on my style problems would be amazing.

  3. Sara

    After moving last year into a 1970s home with small closets (from a modern condo), the best renovation I did was to have closet systems put in all the rooms. It made so much more fit, got rid of the need for dressers, and made me happy to have my closet door open.

  4. Toni Baker

    Both. I would love help in purging and organizing my closet. Then…assistance in shopping to fill in the gaps in the wardrobe

  5. BartSkipner

    I don’t think different means better. I’d rather have fewer items of the best quality I can afford. I’d be glad to pay to have someone organize stuff. I can handle the shopping.

  6. Si Titran

    I rather have a messy closet and loads of clothes I love and fit well. Do bras count as part of the wardrobe?