Already Prettypoll: Social Media Style Inspiration

I’d say I poke around Pinterest between five and 15 times per day. It’s my can’t-think-of-anything-coherent-or-reasonable-to-write-at-the-moment brain break. It’s also my main source of style inspiration, social media-wise: I’m much more likely to search for outfit ideas or color combos on Pinterest than hit Instagram or Tumblr. Much of what I find and much of what I pin originates on blogs, so I suppose the two are intertwined. But due to its breadth and searchability, I’d say Pinterest is my social media fix of choice.

How about you? When you’re looking for style inspiration on social media, where do you look? Instagram? Blogs? Tumblr? Pinterest? Some combination of all?

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4 Responses to “Already Prettypoll: Social Media Style Inspiration”

  1. oohlookasquirrel

    At some point, I became overwhelmed by all the social media networks I could join, so I decided not to do any more of them. I do facebook daily, and read my blogs on feedly, and that’s it. I think I have accounts with twitter and instagram and pinterest and tumblr, but I never check them. It’s all I can do to sort of keep up with the blogs I’d like to read regularly.

  2. fashionforgiants

    Blogs and Pinterest. I’m on Instagram quite a bit, but I don’t really seem to get much inspiration from there.

    Mostly what I do is read the blogs I love and then Pin images from them to Pinterest. The fact that you can categorize things in Pinterest just really works for me. I guess I could Pin things from IG, but I only do IG on my phone, not the computer so I don’t Pin from there.

  3. mendotawaves

    I read fashion blogs–yours, Wardrobe Oxy, Melanie, and other mostly 40+, I do like Pinterest, but look at many other things there as much as fashion, just starting with fashion there. Do Facebook–but not for fashion, other than yours. I feel my sense of freedom from fashion rules, and beauty expectations has really expanded since reading a wide variety of “real people” blogs:)

  4. Rebekah Jaunty

    Pinterest, definitely. So few of the styles I prefer show up in women’s magazines; Pinterest is like getting to compile my own magazine of favorite images.