Already Prettypoll: Style Icons

Here’s a topic we haven’t tackled in a while: Who is your style icon, and why? If you don’t have one, I’d love to hear why, too!

Especially since I went for many years without one myself. I never really saw anyone whose style choices resonated with me to the point that I wanted to emulate them. Now, however, I’ve got three celebs – Halle Berry, Kate Beckinsale, and Kate Lanphear – and two bloggers – Alicia Hannah Naomi (who doesn’t post outfits much anymore, but when she does they look like this) and Margot Meanie – who inspire the living daylights outta me.

How about you?

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8 Responses to “Already Prettypoll: Style Icons”

  1. greendoc

    My style icon? That’s easy: Michelle Obama. We are both married to amazing men, like the First Lady, I am the mother of a delightful teen-age daughter who fills me with joy, and we are both Chicagoans who work hard for public health and the advancement of women and girls. And her clothes! I love her use of color and pattern and the way she combines a classic feminine style that flatters her figure with clothes that just beam confidence. I can’t get enough of her style!

  2. Jane Winkler

    Bloggers: Pseu of Un Femme, Janice of The Gardener’s Cottage, and Ariana of Paris to Go. I love Pseu’s aesthetic, and Janice’s and Ariana’s commitment to minimalism and simplicity.

  3. Nebraskim

    Diane Keaton as Annie Hall (and other films) and Katharine Hepburn (whom Keaton somewhat channels). I love how both wear masculine looks that project power but in feminine ways. I read a piece some time ago about “imprinting” on various styles and how that can drive your own style decisions and I realized I imprinted on Diane Keaton. I love how she wears pants and also the white shirts as a signature look.

    I was lucky to see an exhibit of Hepburn’s clothing at the Durham Museum in Omaha, Nebraska, earlier this year and came away stunned by 1. her incredibly tiny size. OMG she was a sliver (the notion that only current actresses are impossibly slim is false, Hepburn had an 18 to 22 inch waist for much of her career, which started in the 1930s); 2. her inherent sense of style, even as a young ingenue and how she was able to keep that very personal style during many phases of her film career and life and 3. the high quality of her personal clothing, which was either bespoke or couture. If you ever get a chance to see museum collections of clothing worn by film actors, take it. Durham had a different exhibit a couple of years ago and the pieces were stunning.

  4. Sewing Faille

    Richard Feynman, Miss Frizzle, Albert Einstein, Doc Brown, and Bill Nye the Science Guy– you know, the scientists who make eccentric hair/clothing choices because they’re off doing SCIENCE!!! I like clothes and fashion because they’re fun, but I can’t say I’m trying to project any particular style or image on a day-to-day basis. Despite what my sewing blog would suggest, most days I wear t-shirts, zip-off pants, and hiking boots. People keep telling me that I should cut my hair because it would be more professional, but it would be less awesome and more difficult to maintain, and really I’d just rather spend my time on science.

  5. Amanda

    Rachel Bilson, which I think I said the last time we had this conversation too. I like how she straddles boho/edgy/cute, which is pretty much my wheelhouse. For bloggers, there aren’t too many, but definitely Alicia Lund from Cheetah is the New Black – more on the aspirational side – and Kimberly from Penny Pincher Fashion, who pretty much dresses exactly the way I aim to.

  6. Kate K

    I absolutely love Meg Ryan aka Kathleen Kelly’s style in You’ve Got Mail. I’ve been copying her style for years and only realized where it came from last year. Layering button downs and turtlenecks under sleeveless dresses, black tights, tweed skirts–all of that is definitely winter style for me.

    Jean Seberg’s hair and striped shirts will always be inspiring, and I think Audrey Hepburn’s flats with crops always gets me.

    I will say it can be difficult for me to be a tall, curvy, plus-sized woman with very gamine style icons, but that’s part of the fun. With that, I love Grown and Curvy Woman’s style. She does color and pattern so well, and she’s willing to take risks. I also love Emmi Snicker’s blog; she’s modern and finds a way to do clean lines and minimalism in the plus-sized world.

    I would also say that you’re a style icon to me, Sal. An inspiration to say the least–it’s been exciting to see your transformation and I love the way you layer!