Already Prettypoll: This Again?

Some of you lovely readers may not be old enough to have lived through trends more than once, but I know many of you – like me – have. Neon, gauchos, slides/mules, midriff-baring shirts, and pegged jeans are all things I saw as a youngster and watched swing back into trendy favor again in recent years. I’ve heard some say that if you’ve lived through a trend once, you should pass on it the second time around … but I don’t adhere to that. When trends re-emerge, they’re often tweaked to fit contemporary sensibilities; Similar but not identical. And if you want to try them again, go for it.

But I will admit that I NEVER thought I’d want to wear neon or gauchos or pegged jeans again … and I did. I wanted to wear them and I wore them. Never say never, right?

Think about trends you participated in earlier in your life, then saw come back into fashion. Are there any you SWORE you’d never wear again … then changed your mind and embraced them?

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12 Responses to “Already Prettypoll: This Again?”

  1. Linda B

    I have a variable set of reactions, but overall, I agree that one can wear whatever gives one happiness:

    Neon didn’t do it for me the first time, and the only time I wear it now is when I am out on my road bike or running and I want to be seen!

    I loved my pegged jeans back in the 80s. Not appealing to me now, so I’ll pass.

    Gauchos, on the other hand, have always been a favorite of mine. In fact, at nearly 58 years old, I seem to remember a culottes phase when I was a young girl, and then another one when I was a young woman. I have one new pair, and wouldn’t mind another!

  2. Stephanie Lewis Horman

    I think wearing the updated version is key and for the most part I think 38 year old women like myself should stay out of the junior department. I wonder if it will be different when I hit a trend that I wore as an adult. I don’t know though I got ride of my gap overalls after my daughter was born ( I wore them all threw college) bc I didn’t think I would ever wear them again but I’m sort of kicking myself for that now. I also have a pattern to make myself a button up the front 90s style romper but I haven’t cut it out yet. Time will tell

  3. poodletail

    Is my face red! Neon, check! Liberty of London, check! Floppy hat, check! Palazzo pants, check! Jumpsuit, check! Pegged jeans, check! check! check! This 60-year old grrrrrl is even looking for the perfect romper.

  4. Anna

    I really loved the long empire waist dresses that were in during the late 90s when I was a pre-teen, especially the ones that had pretty layers for the skirts. I’d probably wear a grown-up version of that now, particularly as I still like empire-waist tops and dresses. I haven’t been paying as much attention to what’s really in right now (other than to note that I’m not interested in crop tops), but if those dresses came back, I’d definitely consider making one.

  5. Lina

    I used to wear a dark purple micro corduroy jean jacket every day in middle and early high school (in the 90s). The last picture I have of me wearing it is from 2001. Since then, I haven’t worn any jacket in that “jean jacket” style… until I realized three months ago that I absolutely need to have a white denim jacket in my closet. I found an affordable one at Old Navy and am absolutely in love with it. I thought I was done with that jacket shape, but it looks like it took me only 14 years to get over it đŸ˜‰

    PS: I also only wear neon while working out.

  6. vlg

    Flannel plaid shirts. As a teenager in the 70’s, a flannel shirt with jeans (super long to extend past the platform shoes) was what you wore. As I matured into an adult, I thought I had put my flannel plaid days behind me. But last fall/winter’s trend hooked me. Soft, cozy, and familiar, now I remember why we worn them!

    • crtfly

      In more rural areas of the country, we never stopped wearing them. They have always been available in outdoor outfitters’ catalogs, like Cabela’s, Woolrich, LL Bean, if not in fashionable stores.

      What else would I wear when I was living off the grid; chopping firewood, carrying water? đŸ™‚ Well, I did change out the platforms for hiking shoes. I live in a small city now, but I still wear flannel shirts (in the colder months) and jeans for doing outdoor tasks around the house.


    • Laney S.

      Yes, me too! I like it that now they have them in women’s sizing (I remember wearing guys’ shirts — and jeans — to rock that trend in my youth).

  7. Maegan McHugh

    Growing up a big girl in the Dark Ages of plus size fashion for any woman, let alone teens, I didn’t really hit up the trends the first time around, except for jelly shoes and backpack purses. I’d think about the backpacks, but not jellies again. I’d love the daisies and sunflowers from the 90’s to come back though! Has anyone watched “Hindsight” on VH1? Makes me want to run out to my nearest Clinique counter and grab a tube of Black Honey Almost Lipstick!

  8. Wendi

    I haven’t tried culottes this time, although I do remember wearing them before. I’d try a little neon for an accessory, but I avoid it in clothing. High-waisted jeans and shorts look so cute on the young ladies, but I feel like they’d just look like “mom jeans” on me at 48. I’m not into crop tops, but I have to admit some of the rompers I’ve seen are tempting me to try them. So I guess I don’t have a “rule” about wearing trends again; it depends on the trend.

  9. Laney S.

    Leggings! I looked so ridiculous in them back in the ’80s, swore I’d never do that again, and then did the sweater/leggings/boots thing that was trendy in the last couple of years. I’m 5′ tall and still look pretty ridiculous. Comfy, though!

  10. Heather

    Remember how Maggie from Northern Exposure dressed? That. I want all of that again. Please make it happen.