Already Prettypoll: Your Skirt Style

For years, I was a skirt girl and wore full, pleated skirts almost exclusively. I still have a few that I can’t quite bear to part with just yet … but they’re gathering dust as we speak. Since my style preferences have shifted, I find I’m more inclined to do stretchy tube skirts, sleek pencil skirts, or floor-sweeping maxis. Never thought this day would come!

What’s your preferred skirt style? Length? Fiber? OR if you’re completely anti-skirt, would you be willing to share your reasons?

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20 Responses to “Already Prettypoll: Your Skirt Style”

  1. Sewing Faille

    I love circle skirts! I love the drama, I love the freedom of movement, and I love how they go swish when I walk. Here are a couple of favorites that I’ve made, one with polka-dotted linen ( ), and one with a print from one of my favorite video games ( ). The thing to be aware of with circle skirts, though, is that they need to be fairly long or fairly heavy to prevent them from showing off one’s underwear at the slightest gust of breeze. I don’t think I’d make a circle skirt that was even knee-length…

    • Erika

      I have two tie-dye circle skirts that I bought from Target years ago, they are two-layer and fall about two inches above my knees. They look amazingly cute and kicky on me, and are soooo fun to wear. However, I cannot wear them without either leggings or bike shorts underneath, because any breeze at all blows them up around my ample hips. I learned this the hard way in a grocery store parking lot. I think everyone enjoyed seeing my undies? Sigh.

  2. vlg

    Pencil, but not tight/tube, right above the knee. Summer also skorts, but not super short. Skirts with boots and tights in the winter — love.

  3. Amita Basu

    I love skirts. If I could I’d wear them always everywhere. Comfort is very important to me, as well as being able to walk naturally — which for me = rapid and long strides. So I favour full skirts, from knee-length to maxi. I also like the silhouette of pencil skirts, but even slitted ones inhibit my stride somewhat. I recently bought a pencil with a lovely abstract floral pattern, but I go crazy when I wear it b/c walking even short distances is hard. It’s not slitted — which I knew would be a problem, but the pattern and colours wooed me. Need to get it modded!

    I wear skirts whenever possible in summer, and I have recently begun to invest in warm leggings so that I can also wear skirts of different lengths in the winter.

  4. Amanda

    My ideal skirt is full, falls just below the knee, with a structured waistband and lining, made of silk or wool, in a neutral solid color. Not easy to find! I am very pear shaped so a fuller skirt is my favorite fit, but I need them for work so they can’t look like party skirts. I should take a cue from Sewing Faille and start making my own… I have a sewing machine, but I’ve never gotten good at using it!

    • Sewing Faille

      I should write a tutorial on sewing circle skirts, then! It’s one of the easiest projects to learn on, since the only thing that needs to fit correctly is the waistband, and even that can be fudged a lot.

  5. Psals

    I love a thicker ponte knit fabric for my pencil skirts, very forgiving when I’ve eaten too much and my belly get too tight! Length wise, I’m 5’10 so I have a generally difficult time finding anything at an ideal length but my preference is about an inch above the knee – easy to walk in and very professional. The currently on-trend midi skirts are cute, but I can’t ever walk in them!

  6. loubeelou

    I love the look of skirts, but they always end up languishing in my closet. I find them really difficult to comfortably style. I’ve yet to find a reliable waist style that doesn’t feel like it’s adding bulk. I have countered this by doing more of a high-waisted skirt with tucked in shirt and a belt to keep it polished, but this look often skews more polished/structured than is really “me”. I do own one maxi dress that I often throw a fitted top over, so it essentially becomes a skirt and it eliminates the waist band issue.

  7. karabooiloveyou

    I rarely wear skirts because I find them very difficult to find the right top for. If I do wear a skirt it is almost always a knit maxi skirt and I wear it with a knit top. I guess the maxi length makes it easier for me to get the proportions right with a top.

  8. what not

    I’m short and prefer short skirts, either full or fitted, with tights for most of the year. I also don’t wear heels often, so longer skirts would look dowdy to my eye.

  9. Amy Blankenship

    I love skirts in bold, girlie prints, preferably with a nerdy t shirt. I just love the contrary of, for instance, a Star Trek t shirt with cute polka dots or flowers.

  10. K Magill

    I am devoted to American Apparel interlock mini skirts. In warm weather I wear them over cropped leggings; in cold weather with full-length leggings or wool tights, plus boots or legwarmers. I don’t wear leggings on their own in public, so mini skirts are nice to have for throwing on top. Great for post-jogging errands. Also, I love textured, printed, and brightly colored tights, and a plain dark mini skirt is a good contrast. AA pencil skirts are nice when you need a little more length.

  11. wonkyone15

    I love dresses, but rarely wear skirts. I feel like I can never find just the right top to go with maxi skirts, and with the shorter, fuller skirts, I want to wear them high and then they still look weird. I prefer dresses with a higher waist, then it skims over my belly without worrying about things coming untucked or dividing me in a strange place. Dresses just make my life so easy!

    • Jennifer

      This, in a nutshell. I wear dresses every Sunday, but not skirts so much because of my wonderful appley shape. I have found with full or A-line skirts, I can tuck the shirts in with the skirts at my high-waist, and I get complimented on my new “dress”. When I am wearing skirts with blouses untucked, though, I’m found pencil knee-length or maxi are about the only ones I’ll do.

  12. Ruth Slavid

    Full skirts, on or below the knee. I have a small waist for my size, wide hips and big thighs. My thighs are my widest point. I like skirts in bright colours and patterns in the summer and sober in the winter. I am happy wearing skirts with bare legs in summer and with thick tights in winter. Flat shoes/ sandals/ boots.Cotton in summer, wool in winter, some intermediate fabric for intermediate times. But spring and autumn are mostly trousers, as it is too cold for bare legs, and too warm for thick tights. I like dresses too, in a similar shape. They avoid the fact that the waists are invariably too big on skirts. They slide down until they hit a point where they can’t go further. As I lose weight (which I am currently doing) my skirts get longer. I realised how hopeless straightish skirts are when I tried one on that has been in my wardrobe for ages. The waist was ENORMOUS but it was still gripping my thighs/ stomach. All this makes me sound a weird shape. I am certainly not a ‘perfect’ mannequin size, but not weird at all – within the wonderful range of diversity that is normal. I know that ‘thin’ isn’t the only aspiration, but I am one of those people who certainly looks thinner, smarter and more pulled together in a skirt, whereas for some people the opposite is true and it is trousers that flatter.

  13. Jill Will Run

    I don’t like skirts all that much, never really have. But in the past couple of years I’ve started to wear them more because I’ve come to realize they’re much cooler in the Vegas summers. HOWEVER… I hate feeling like I can’t just drop down on the floor and crawl around after my toddler in them, I hate not having pockets and it’s hard to find a good skirt with pockets, and I hate getting in/out of cars in a skirt. I usually prefer just-above-the-knee-length skirts, but recently I’ve bought a couple of maxi skirts. Trouble is, they frequently drag on the ground because I have short legs.

  14. Leslie Le

    Oh, do I love a skirt!! I prefer them in floaty cotton– elastic waist, just below the knee. I like to make them out of vintage fabric– like sheets, etc. I’ve had a big pile of fabric waiting to get turned into skirts forever now… I just haven’t had the time.

    I strongly dislike skirts with zippers– they’ve never fit me well, as a round apple. By the time I get one that works with my waist, the rest of the skirt is just ridiculous! And I don’t care for the slinky polyester type skirts– I used to wear them to work, as they were dressier, but now I prefer the floatier style.

    I don’t wear skirts in winter, just because of the need for tights. But I’ll wear them bare-legged until it’s too cold not to! 😉

  15. Keilexandra

    I have a few long silk maxis that I love, but my ultimate loyalty is to flared/pleated skirts with a stretchy waistband. You just can’t beat the comfort and the ability to sit with your legs however you want (the latter is not a quality that tube skirts possess, sadly).

  16. Maya Resnikoff

    Long and with room to move. They’re comfortable- airy in the summer and warm with room to layer (exercise pants or long wool socks or even an extra skirt when really cold) in the winter. They’re practical- I sit on the floor a lot and I like sitting in various ways and shifting around. They’re fun. And they’re easier to buy (i.e, fewer points need to fit precisly with my body) than pants.

  17. Rachel

    Skirts! I wear them (and dresses) all year round, pretty much every day. And yes, I’m perfectly willing to crawl around on the floor in a skirt when needed. I used to be all about the just-below-the-knee a-line, but these days I’m leaning towards skirts with a bit more swoosh. Something fuller and a little shorter (knee or juuuust above the knee). If I could ever bring myself to go shopping I’d like to try a few maxi skirts, too.