Already Pretty’s Greatest Hits 2012

Happy New Year! Here’s a roundup of some of my favorites from 2012!

Body Image Musings

The Jiggle
Dressing the Body in Flux
You’re Too Old to Have Fun with Fashion
Body Hair Revisited
Clothing Commentary
The Unfortunate Universals
The Right to Bare Arms
Compliments, Stewardship, and Control
If You Can’t See It, You Can’t Be It
I Shall Never Be


How to Consign Your Clothes
How to Do Long Over Lean
How to Downplay Your Hips
Styling Long Cardigans
Balancing a Short Torso
How to Balance a Long Torso
Layered Warm Weather Looks

Employing Underthings
How to Play Up Your Assets
A Crash Course in the Golden Ratio
How Shoes and Shorts Interact
How to Ease Into Thrifting
Tricks for Styling Button-front Shirts
How Sleeve Length Impacts Figure-flattery
Cold Weather Dressing Essentials


Dressing Up While Others Dress Down
Sartorial Taste and Judgment
Poseurs and Personae
What to Wear When You’ve Got Nothing to Wear
Managing Pets as a Stylish Woman
Thrifted Staples
Dressing Within a Defined Aesthetic I
Dressing Within a Defined Aesthetic II
Ethnic Ethics
Dressing to Honor Your Body
Making Sense of “Must-have” Lists
How to Eyeball Fit and Understand Your Figure
Gift Ideas for the Fashionable Woman

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One Response to “Already Pretty’s Greatest Hits 2012”

  1. ClaraT

    Thanks for the round-up. I am a new reader and love having one page I can work my way through. What a wonderful blog. Happy New Year!