Dressed for: One Big Sleeve

Already Pretty outfit featuring asymmetric sleeve top, skinny jeans, over the knee boots, long silver pendant necklace

Asymmetric top – COS (no longer available) – similarsustainable
Jeans – courtesy Karen Kane
Boots – Aldo Cylia – used over-the-knee boots
Earrings – Corsetsimilar/sustainable
Necklace – Aurora Shadow

Some people say that if you don’t wear something within three days of purchase it means you don’t truly love it. I can’t agree. Both this top and these boots were purchased many months ago – long before I watched The True Cost and made big changes – but are only seeing the light of day now that it’s cooler. And they’re both a little quirky, so they suit each other, I think. The top has one regular sleeve and one sleeve that’s basically just a giant wing of fabric. Kinda tough to stuff inside a coat, I’ll admit, but super fun to wear!


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3 Responses to “Dressed for: One Big Sleeve”

  1. Suzanne Carillo

    That sleeve is wild. I like the look.

    I also watched that powerful show and it changed the way I look at clothing and buy.


  2. K_Line

    Hey Sally: I have the same top (in grey) and fyi, it’s still available in Canada.

  3. Linda B

    I love this interesting ensemble–lots of great elements here.

    Also interested in your take on that fairly silly rule about 3 days that’s making the rounds lately; there are definitely times that one is going to get something out of season and not wear it for a while! (LOL–as a knitter, I often finish projects up past the right season, and they just have to wait!) Even outside of that, I think sometimes we pick up something second hand or on sale that may or may not be a mistake when we get it home–but then a few weeks or even months later, the perfect way to use it finally occurs to us, and expands into more creative ensemles from there.

    However, I am trying to learn that if I am still failing at figuring out how I like to wear something after more than a few months, better to pass it on instead of trying to make it work. I really only want to have clothes that make me feel good in my closet!