Dressed for: The Lovely Long Autumn

Already Pretty outfit featuring olive raincoat, marled turtleneck sweater, combat boots

Coat – Athleta via eBay (a few on eBay now) – similarsustainable
Sweater – thrifted – similarsustainable
Jeans – H&Msimilarsustainable
Boots – Steve Madden (no longer available) – similarused/sustainable
Earrings – Ashley Spatula

Husband Mike pointed out that I never show my coats in outfit posts, which is typically because we have 10 minutes of fall and then six months of winter so I mostly wear a giant down parka. But this unexpectedly long and warm autumn has meant my lightweight coats have gotten a workout, including this used Athleta trench that made the recent trip to New York with me. It replaced a beloved jacket – also thrifted – that finally bit the dust after about six years of getting stained, doused in Palmolive, and washed. I take my jackets off to eat, I swear. I have no idea how I got salad dressing on that thing two dozen times …


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