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Like Icing on a Cupcake

Accessories are the icing

Q: Can I wear a great outfit with no accessories?
A: Sure, but you can wear it better with accessories!

No matter how delicious a cupcake is, we find it more appetizing, yes appealing – with icing, or better yet: fondant!

2015-10-16 05.42.43

Similarly, a great outfit needs accessories to top it off, to help everything come together.
Additionally, a not so great outfit can become a great outfit with the right assortment of accessories.


Scenario #1:
Sometimes I’m in a rush, and I don’t have the time to give thought to what accessories I will wear with my outfit. I put on the most basic of the basic: a pair of stud earrings, my wedding ring, and maybe 1 bangle or 1 statement ring. I grab a purse, and head to my destination.
The result: I feel disheveled, and somewhat unkempt. read more

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A League Of Their Own

Vintage Stripes 1

Do you have clothing in your wardrobe that are your favorite go-to’s, especially when you’re in a crunch? You can always trust that these items will serve you well, regardless of where you’re going. They don’t require intensive thought and or styling, and they look good on you with minimal effort.
Vintage Stripes 2
My vintage dresses are my definite go-to’s! Inevitably and consistently –> They serve me well 🙂

Based on my current vintage inventory, I would have to say that the fit models used then were definitely shaped and sized quite similar to my body- more so then the ones used now. read more

Spring Wardrobe Capsule: My Run In Pastels

The Pastel Capsule Wardrobe

Joi’s Pastel Capsule Wardrobe

Hey Style Lovers! So, I recently took my very first try at creating a wardrobe capsule, and let me tell you, it truly was a challenge for me.


Why? Well, for one thing, I love variety. Switching up my style genres depending on my mood is a part of who I am (see examples here, here, and here). Yet, I also enjoy stepping outside of my box, especially on my own terms.  The idea of maximizing a minimal wardrobe fascinates me. To be sure, a wardrobe capsule can be considered somewhat confining: One usually mixes and matches similar pieces to create cohesive looks for multiple days and or events. But, those confinements also come with fringe benefits! read more