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Lazy Girl Hair Cream

My friend Melanie has perfect hair. It’s either stick straight and glossy or perfectly, evenly curled, no frizz. It’s an intense, vibrant burgundy color that always looks like she just came from the salon. Sometimes when we go out, I steal a glance at it and say to myself, “Your hair can look like that too, if you put effort into it.” And then the ephemeral thought disappears into the ether from whence it came. I forget for a while that I ever aspired to such a thing until I see her again. I consider buying a blow dryer for one hour, don’t, and then get on with my life. read more

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Kristine’s Skin Care Staples

Skin care is the one non-negotiable constant in my life. I can barely be bothered to put cream in my hair and let it air dry, I don’t floss nearly as much as a person should, and I’ve never been to a gym in my life, but the list of products I put on my face only seems to get longer and more expensive with time. Nearly half of my morning getting-ready ritual involves skin care, the other half is spent looking for things I have managed to lose in the house.

Even throughout the day I am constantly putting on oil and tinted moisturizer at the slightest hint of dryness or redness. As a person with sensitive skin, routine has been super important in appeasing the Pore Gods. The ritualistic sacrifice of my money is a small price to figuratively pay for piece of mind, even when the actuality gets a bit pricey. read more

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Kristine’s Favorite Lipsticks

When it comes to products, I’ve been known to play the field. If I have a bad day, I take a much needed trip to Sephora and try something new. If I have a good day, I take a much needed trip to Sephora and try something new. Those little shelves by the register with the “trial size” of everything will be the death of me. You see, I’m a sucker. I work in retail and I’m exactly the kind of customer I dream about. You don’t even need to persuade me to buy things, you just need to point me in the direction of things. I stop shopping when I run out of money. That is literally the only reason. There is no other reason. I’m never like “I’m just not in the mood” or ” There’s nothing I really want today.” It just doesn’t happen. I’m trying to fill the void in my soul with consumerism, like a good American. read more

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