Balance 1

Being short and busty, I’ve learned to be wary of clothing with a lot of volume. If I do wear volume on top, I’ve learned to balance out with a leaner bottom half, but also have discovered that going too dainty with my shoes leads to a very top-heavy look. So I love how these platform ankle boots add some visual weight to ground the look and provide balance.

Balance 2

Balance 3

And to balance out the heaviness/masculinity of the boots, I’ve added a light/feminine touch with a lacy scarf. (Oops, I see a snag in the back…have to get out the crochet hook to fix that!)

Balance 4

Top: Eileen Fisher (no longer available, similar) / Jeans: Eileen Fisher / Boots: Eileen Fisher (no longer available, similar) / Scarf: Eric Bompard (similar in an infinity style) / Rings: Pinky vintage from Beladora 2, custom from Wendy Brandes / Watch: Michael Kors. 

How do you balance your outfits?

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9 Responses to “Balanced”

  1. Lisa

    Yes! Balance is so much a part of what I think about, visual, and also appropriateness – how fancy, how conservative or not, etc. I completely agree with you, and think that outfit is really well-balanced.

  2. Cynthia

    The biggest measurement on my body is my shoulders (they’re bigger around than my hips) and I have recently been figuring out how to balance it out. Basically, volume on top is OK, but more volume on the bottom is mandatory. No skinnies or pencil skirts for moi.

  3. Audi

    Those Eileen Fisher boots are fabulous; I’ve been eyeing their shoes for the last few seasons and have considered picking up a pair. Are they as comfortable as they look?

    • une femme

      Audi, yes! They are like wearing clogs almost. I can walk in these all day (not Paris-walking-all-day probably but LA-running-errands-all-day).

  4. Monica H

    I must say that for me, I’ve had more fashion success by eschewing balance and playing with highlighting the differences instead. I have fairly broad shoulders also, and slim hips. But even so, I like the look of a pencil skirt on my figure, and the strength my shoulders convey. I am short waisted and have looong legs, and while I do wear low rise pants, I’ve come to like playing up the coltish all legs look. Wearing something slightly masculine? Why not just add on something else butchy?

    Honestly I don’t think I was very good at balancing, but this I can do! I really credit Sally for this perspective – traditional rules and advice always focus on balance. But I like standing out from the crowd and it is a better reflection of my personal style to just forgo balance as a styling objective.

  5. Bernie

    I think that silhouette is very forgiving no matter what your shape. I’m tall and not busty and I very often wear something similar – no wonder I love this. What gorgeous jewellery too!

  6. Krysta

    I do the one-part fitted/structured, one-part more voluminous trick a lot myself. Often it takes the form of a pencil skirt or straight pants (that fit close on the thigh like skinnies, but don’t create too big of a difference at the ankle on me).

  7. Eleanorjane

    That’s a lovely look! I like the lacy scarf and those boots are cool. I do similar things with shoes and boots so that my legs don’t look too much like carrots (i.e. wide at the top then narrowing to a point).