beat the heat maxi style

Photo 2-5-15 7 09 43 pm

Photo 2-5-15 7 09 15 pm

Maxi Dress in the shade of Rust – Forever 21 Plus

Choker necklace – Lovisa

Metal cuff bangle – Diva

Hello again!

Its getting much warmer here for us folks in Asia and with that, out comes the clothing that I can withstand the climate in!

Maxi dresses are a relatively new addition to my wardrobe staples. At 5’2″, the idea of being swathed in fabric down to my toes did not appeal to me. I thought to myself “How are these ladies keeping cool despite wearing a full length dress?” I dressed for function and comfort most of the time (and I still do) but admittedly, I did get curious when I started fashion blogging a few years back. So many gorgeous plus size ladies in my blogger circle wearing such pretty maxi dresses! So I took the plunge 2 years ago and there has been no looking back.

I seem to be veering away from prints this year and this particular F21+ dress really appealed to me, probably because it seems a little Grecian … or would it be Roman? The colour is not something I have much of in my wardrobe, it is a much deeper hue of orange than I usually wear. I seem to be in Spring/Summer color palette denial! Lesson learnt from trying on a couple of maxi dresses now – it is very hot weather-friendly and may be a tad long for me but it lends an air of chic that I like.

This particular dress is very comfortable, soft (easily wrinkled as a result) and versatile – dress it super casual or go semi-formal like I did here.

Photo 2-5-15 7 13 14 pm

Whats your go-to spring/summer dress style this season?

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4 Responses to “beat the heat maxi style”

  1. Heidi Hanzely

    I bought this dress as well. At 5’5″ it’s too long on me and the arm openings are huge, in my opinion. I stitched up the side to make the arm openings fit better, which didn’t seem to change how the dress draped too much. I’ve been wearing platform sandals with it or knotting it. Overall, I thought it was a decent buy with some minor alterations. The orange color looks beautiful with your skin btw. And I like the chunky necklace with it.

  2. Hayley

    “Grecian” was definitely the first thing to pop into my head when I saw this – looks great!

  3. crtfly


    It’s a wonderful color for you. Excuse my ignorance but where you are has high humidity as well as high temperatures? If so, I think a long, loose dress would create a bit of a welcome breeze around your legs.