Black and White and Red All Over


It was the first riddle I remember learning as a child…

Q: What’s black and white and red all over?

A: A Newspaper!

I love a black and white ensemble, but sometimes need a splash of color. And I find black and red alone to be too harsh a combination on me. But it’s hard to go wrong with black, white AND red!

I do love my knits and wear knit pieces frequently at the office, but also find that adding one piece with a bit more structure helps keep my Business Casual ensembles from swerving too far into Casual territory. Having discovered the joy of non-iron fabrics, I’m now on the White Shirt bandwagon big time, even though my favorite white shirt has some subtle black stripes.



The scarf usually is off once I’m at my desk; a shorter full necklace that fills the neckline of the shirt works best both with and without the scarf.


Jacket: Eileen Fisher from 2010, similar.

Shirt: Brooks Brothers from last year, similar.

Pants: Eileen Fisher, here.

Boots: One Step, purchased in 2008, similar.

Scarf: J.Crew, similar.

Necklace: J.Crew, similar.
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18 Responses to “Black and White and Red All Over”

  1. SE

    What a great, simply chic look! This- “adding one piece with a bit more structure helps keep my Business Casual ensembles from swerving too far into Casual territory” is a great idea I’m going to use for my bus casual looks. Many days, I’ll try to make all knits work for the comfort factor, but you lose that authoritative edge.

    Nice to see you here!

  2. Cat

    Love everything about this post! But especially love your choice of glasses: the last (close up) photo is just stunning! I would so appreciate a glasses post.

  3. Marsha Calhoun

    Yay, scarf! Yay, necklace! But the idea of scarf and necklace together is a whole new world for me. (I think I need a bigger necklace, as all of mine are single-strand teensy.) As a white-shirt wearer from wayback, I am anxious to extend myself in this direction. Thanks!

  4. Amber of Butane Anvil

    Wonderful action shot with that great furling swath of scarf, and the close-up, how beautiful you are. I am forever de-layering and re-layering in my temperature-variable workplace, and appreciate the flexibility of scarves. I absolutely agree that one structured piece can make all the difference, well-said!

  5. Val Sparkle

    That’s a really classy, but not stuffy look with the striped shirt and that lovely necklace. The scarf is gorgeous! Great way to give it some punch!

  6. Marla

    I really love that red scarf. I usually don’t wear black and white without adding a pop of color also.

  7. Pam@over50feeling40

    One of my favorite looks…I am actually sitting here right now in a similar look except my scarf is B & W. Maybe I will go look for the red one! You look wonderful and I love the short necklace under the scarf!!

  8. silkpathdiary

    You look just GREAT! I agree red/black is too harsh but love red/white – so fresh. I love your natural made up look, very beautiful indeed!

  9. Jennifer

    I love the pattern mix!!
    The tone of your eye glass frames is a perfect compliment to your hair colour…but of course you knew that. You look smashing as always.

  10. Kat

    Here’s another Kat who appreciated the glasses! Very pretty and would also vote for a glasses post. They can be a key to a pulled together chic look or (as I have learned in sadness!) they can go horribly wrong.

    My favourite part about the outfit is the pretty stripes on the shirt. Lovely!

  11. Susan

    What a wonderful look Susan! Just spectacular. Thank you for saying that the scarf comes off at your desk. Also, the similar J Crew necklace cannot hold a candle to yours.

  12. Practical Paralegalism

    So chic as usual, Sue. You always wear scarves fabulously. I like to do the same thing with button front shirts, i.e. fill the neckline with multi-chain necklaces – or just several necklaces 🙂

  13. Nadine

    You look incredible! That outfit is classic, yet the scarf adds a fun, funky twist that I just love. Also swooning over those fabulous, flared shirt cuffs!