Dressed for: A Break in the Clouds

Already Pretty outfit featuring white cardigan, black and white print dress, tan belt, Corso Como Del heels, statement necklace

Cardigan – LOFT courtesy Twice
Dress – courtesy Karen Kane (no longer available) – similar-ish
Belt – from a pair of shorts – similar look
Heels – Corso Como Del
Necklace – Zara via eBay – similar look
Bracelets – Max & Chloe
Earrings – HSokol

Wore this on a day when we had alternating bouts of lovely sunshine and torrential rain, and this photo was taken during a quick break between downpours. Had I known I’d be risking a drenching every time I went outside, I might’ve worn a little less white. Serves me right for not checking the forecast. Like virtually all Minnesotans, I monitor the weather religiously during the winter months. But during our woefully brief summer, I often forget because, hey, what’s the worst that could happen? Heat? Wind? A little rain? We do get the occasional tornado but for the most part it’s calm, clear, and nothing that means I have to pile on the layers or add an extra half-hour to my drive time. My laxness means I sometimes wear white on rainy days. Good thing I remembered my nude underthings and spent most of my day inside.

My guess is that those of you who live in punishing heat and humidity are my opposite: More likely to check the weather during summer than winter. Am I right? Heat stroke and frostbite may be two sides of the same coin …


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6 Responses to “Dressed for: A Break in the Clouds”

  1. Susan Ashworth

    I live in the South, and I check the weather most during the all too brief, volatile springs and falls. Summer and winter are much more predictable.

  2. lindaloui232

    I live in Denver, and summer is really the only predictable season. 85 to 100 degrees, low humidity, possible rain in the early evening. I pretty much know I’m always doing bare legs, short sleeve or sleeveless top with a jacket or sweater for the office June through September. The rest of the year is a crapshoot, so I check the forecast more carefully.

  3. shayelea

    In Portland, winter weather is fairly predictable – cold and rainy – so there’s not much call to check the weather, unless there’s snow or more extreme (below freezing) cold in the forecast, in which case someone will tell you. In the summer, though, it might be 60 and raining or 80 and humid or 105 and dry, so you bet I check the weather before I get dressed each day!

  4. Andrea

    In Nebraska, no season is predictable. 🙂 I mean, we get all four seasons, but sometimes they’re packed into one week. Maybe even one day. I check the weather but still prepare for the unexpected, and it means my wardrobe gets to have a lot of variety!

  5. fashionforgiants

    I absolutely LOVE that you went with a colorful necklace with this look. Wonderful!

  6. Linda B

    Having lived in both Minneapolis (1979-89) and Tucson (1989 to the present) I can personally attest that there are ways that these two places have opposite seasonal dynamics–but that mostly means in the feeling that one season predominates and is way too long! I actually loved the winters in MN, just felt tired of the season by 5 months into it. I love many things about summer here too–but by now, heading into that 5th month by August since we got our heat early this year, I am done with being hot and sweaty no matter how I dress. There is no change in the weather here really for months at a time except that part of our summer is extremely hot and dry and part is very hot and actually humid, with some rain if we are lucky. But the rains are brief, and usually late afternoon or evening, so they don’t really affect how we dress for this climate.

    Winter here can have some periods of steady conditions, but also, some storms come through (again, if we are lucky!) and so the weather bears more watching from November through February.

    Someday, I want to live somewhere with more chilly and wet weather again! And not quite so darn hot. Maybe a better balance of seasons?