Dressed for: Keeping Cozy

Already Pretty outfit featuring geometric scarf, black sweater, jeans, distressed leather handbag, clarks ankle boots

Scarf – Nordstrom (sold out in this color)
Sweater – Banana Republic (no longer available) – similar
Jeans – courtesy Karen Kane
Ankle boots – Clarks (no longer available) – similar
Earrings – Old Navy (not available online) – similar
Bag – courtesy Shop Adorn

I made a promise to myself to avoid open necklines and dress warmer this winter. I adore the look of scoops and v’s and can’t seem to resist them occasionally, but I am SO much happier in several layers and a nice, big scarf. If my neck is cold, my everything is cold. This geometric pattern scarf is large and thin – just how I like ’em – and I love that it has bold shapes in a totally neutral palette.

I feel like for most people, it’s hands, feet, or neck that need to be covered in order to achieve total body warmth. Do you fall into one of those three camps?


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8 Responses to “Dressed for: Keeping Cozy”

  1. Ginger

    For me, it’s my arms; I can deal with cold hands and feet. 3/4 sleeves are nearly unwearable. If it’s cold, I’m miserable because of that bare skin, and if it’s hot, I’m just wanting short sleeves. I’ve been making them work this winter by layering underneath.

  2. Amanda Ripstra

    Love that bag and the combination of black & brown, which I find hard to pull off and/or it doesn’t come to mind when I’m putting looks together

  3. TyphoidMary

    I’m with you with neck.

    Also, I love this outfit because I still have weird old fashioned hangups about pairing brown with black, and this just looks totally gorgeous. I’m inspired!

  4. TheLinaBee

    That scarf = perfection! I love it paired with the sweater. For me, if I am cold, I have to cover my ears 🙂

  5. Accidental Icon

    For me it is feet and hands that I always take care to cover. and I am terrible about wearing hats because I do not like how they look on me. From what I understand that is how you lose a lot of your body heat. Layering is a wonderful way to make the adjustments you need when moving from in to out. In NY you can be cold outside and very hot when you step in the subway.

    Accidental icon

  6. Talia

    As someone who is always cold, I have to keep my feet, hands and head covered! Otherwise, I am miserable. 🙁

  7. livi

    Feet for me. Well, really just my toes, so if the temp is above freezing I won’t wear socks.

  8. Elle berman

    I agree with all of your well considered points. This year I find that wearing a hat, is what is saving me from the cold. I love

    scarves, too, for that reason, and light layers feel warmest to me.

    I love your scarf , it is perfect, the colors are rich an neutral and the pattern is fabulous!

    xx, Elle