Blending Seasons

I’m THRILLED to announce that Audi of Fashion for Nerds has joined the Already Pretty team! She’ll be contributing outfit posts as well as topical posts about travel, being a shoe lover who copes with chronic foot pain, and more. Please welcome Audi!

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Blending seasons: peach summer top and fall layers

Top: Club Monaco
Pants: Sanctuary
Shoes: Tom’s
Bag: Lucky Brand
Scarf: Ambiance San Francisco
Vest: thrifted

This year I’m really making a concerted effort to dress for the season, and right now that season is somewhere in between summer and fall. Using Sal’s handy cheat sheet for transitional dressing, I integrated my summer brights in sheer or open weave fabrics with some loose layers and fall neutrals to create a few functional looks that work well for the mild, but often changeable, San Francisco climate.

Blending seasons: open weave sweater with neutral pants and cropped boots

Sweater: Jigsaw
Pants: Dylan George
Boots: Fiorentini + Baker
Bag: Lucky Brand
Necklace: Ambiance San Francisco
Bracelets: Cost Plus World Market

My summer wardrobe was filled with items in ocean colors, and I love how they integrate so seamlessly with my fall pieces in gray, olive, and navy.

Blending seasons: sheer coral top with midnight blue pants

Cardigan: Monsoon
Top: Lost April
Pants: Club Monaco
Tote: East
Necklace: Ambiance San Francisco
Shoes: Cole Haan Gramercy Oxford

A bright coral top and teal cardigan are tempered with the addition of deep midnight blue pants and patent leather oxfords. The canvas tote keeps the look from becoming too heavy for the season.

Fall transitional accessoriesSummery accessories

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Audi is a biotech professional in San Francisco, California. Her blog, Fashion for Nerds, was born out of the frustration of feeling as if science and fashion were doomed to be forever divided. Through her blog she discovered she wasn’t the only one who believes that style has its place even in a scientific workplace; over the years she has met countless other women who struggle to prevent their love of fashion from hindering their credibility as technical leaders. Now in her mid-forties, Audi particularly enjoys testing the boundaries of “age-appropriate” dressing and thinks most style rules were made to be broken. Another important influence on her style is the problem of chronic foot pain, an issue which is exacerbated by San Francisco’s hilly streets and one that she is resolved not to let defeat her obsession with great looking shoes.

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16 Responses to “Blending Seasons”

  1. Monica H

    Nice outfits! And I can give the Cole Haan Gramercy oxfords two enthusiastic thumbs up for comfort. They are more comfy than some of my tennis shoes, and come in super fun colors. LOVE.

  2. Nique

    Yay!!! It’s so great to see Audi. I have been following Fashion for Nerds for years, and Audi has been a huge inspiration for me. She is a real clothing genius. I’m happy to see her join the Already Pretty family.

  3. Emily McIntyre

    Welcome to Sal’s blog, Audi! I’ve followed yours off and on for years and am thrilled to see the two of you hooking up as it seemed you were destined to do. Looking forward to your posts.


  4. Laura

    I’m thrilled to learn of this new contributor (go science lovers and nerds) and how she is able to style around the more-common-than-discussed challenge of chronic foot pain.

  5. LauraK

    Awesome! Go scientists & nerds & hooray for spreading the word about chronic foot pain and how incredibly difficult it is to style around the challenges of very sensitive feet. I look forward to reading your columns.

  6. Sigi

    Yay Audi!! Looking forward to reading more of your posts here. Hey, loving these looks (and also loving the hair – I’m trying to grow my ‘do out just like yours).

  7. Anneesha

    These colors are great – and very similar to what I gravitate toward! I’m excited to see more ideas for fashion-forward footwear that’s comfortable.

  8. Irene

    I too am struggling with foot pain of various causes, and my husband has Morton’s neuroma. Here are things that helped us. 1. It turns out we both have “arch length” a size bigger than our “foot length”. So I fit a size 10, but that puts my arch in the wrong place. I really need to wear an 11 and just have extra length at the toe. My husband had to size up 2 sizes! 2. A wide and high toe box is key for Morton’s neuroma. Keens and New Balance have roomy toes, and New Balance has several womens brands that are decent looking, likeCobb Hill and Aravon. New Balance site also describes their different shoe lasts and lets you search by last.

    • Audi

      Irene, I haven’t come across the idea of arch length before; thanks for the tip! I’ll clearly have to do some more research in this area, because arch alignment seems to be an issue for me as well.

  9. Rose-Anne

    Yay, I love Audi’s blog! I’m thrilled to hear the news about this new collaboration! And the layers in these outfits are gorgeous and inspiring.

  10. Eleanorjane

    Excellent, Audi’s on board! I’ve followed her blog for years and have missed her posting as much as she used to. Hopefully this will give us a bit more content from her.

  11. lindsay

    Audi – that tote looks a bit beachy to be considered a transitional fall piece. Can you explain your logic there?

    • Audi

      Great question Lindsay — the idea behind the tote was that the dark midnight blue pants and oxfords veer fairly far into fall territory, and here in SF our summer weather really only starts in September. Pairing outfits with heavy leather bags is just way too much for the warm, dry weather this time of year. That’s one of the tricky things about transitional dressing; on the other hand, it’s also a great opportunity to adopt an anything-goes approach and just throw together anything that feels right for the climate!