Body Positive Quotes


“Joy is the best makeup.”
~ Anne Lamott

“Everyone is trying to make me younger and I’m tired of that. I just want to be whoever I am right now. Our wrinkles are our medals of the passage of life.”
~ Lauren Hutton

“Growing into your future … requires a dedication to caring for yourself as if you were rare and precious, which you are, and regarding all life around you as equally so, which it is.”
~Victoria Moran

““You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful.”
~ Amy Bloom

“Each individual woman’s body demands to be accepted on its own terms.”
~ Gloria Steinem

“Beauty shouldn’t be about changing yourself to achieve an ideal or be more socially acceptable. Real beauty – the interesting, truly pleasing kind – is about honoring the beauty within you and without you. It’s about knowing that someone else’s definition of pretty has no hold over you.”
~ Golda Poretsky

“The only thing that anyone can diagnose with any certainty by looking at a fat person is their own level of stereotype and prejudice toward fat people.”
~ Marilyn Wann

“There is no wrong way to have a body.”
~ Glenn Marla

“It’s also helpful to realize that this very body that we have, that’s sitting right here right now … with its aches and its pleasures … is exactly what we need to be fully human, fully awake, and fully alive.”
~ Pema Chodron

“If I am not good to myself, how can I expect anyone else to be good to me?”
~ Maya Angelou

“Real beauty isn’t about symmetry or weight or makeup; it’s about looking life in the face and seeing all its magnificence reflected in your own.”
~ Valerie Monroe

“If you retain nothing else always remember the most important rule of beauty which is: Who cares?
~Tina Fey

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2 Responses to “Body Positive Quotes”

  1. Accidental Icon

    This is such a great post and I have been trying to address the same topic in a funny way on my recent blog posts about the Victoria’s Secret “Angels”. I came to a place of deep acceptance in regard to my aging body and now take care of myself not to look better but to remain healthy and vibrant to live the life I now have more time and resources to live. I have chosen fashion as a way to express my attitude about all of this, not trends but rather as a way to become visible and express myself in a different way. Such an important message, thanks for working to get it putt there.

    Accidental icon