Already Pretty: The Book


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Already Pretty is also available to Twin Cities residents at:
I Like You in Minneapolis
Garrison Keillor’s Common Good Books in St. Paul
Subtext: A Bookstore in St. Paul
Bachman’s gift shops around the Twin Cities

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Structured as a fun and accessible self-guided makeover, Already Pretty: Learning to Love Your Body by Learning to Dress it Well is the antidote to cookie-cutter style guides. Instead of dumping you into a body type category and restricting what you can and cannot wear, this friendly, funny, body-positive book presents a highly customizable regimen to help you define and hone your own personal style.

Here are a few sample spreads from the book interior.

A true guidebook to crafting personal style, Already Pretty teaches women to love their bodies, dress impeccably, and embrace the philosophy that dressing well is key to living well.


Sally McGraw is a Minneapolis-based blogger, freelance writer, and communications professional who holds a degree in creative writing from Binghamton University. She has received press coverage for her work on her daily style and body image blog – also titled Already Pretty – in Lucky Magazine, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, METROFox 9 NewsMinnesota Monthly, and many other publications and media outlets. Click here for more information about Sally’s background, press coverage, and consulting.