Dressed for: That Scarf

Already Pretty outfit featuring cargo coat, blanket scarf, tunic, leggings, tall black boots

Topper – Opitz/overdyed – similar
Scarf – Zara (in Wales!) – similarbudget
Tunic – LAMade (no longer available) – similar
Leggings – Old Navy
Boots – Lucky Brand Hackett via eBay
Earrings – Urban Outfitters (no longer available) – similar

I bought this scarf at Zara in Cardiff, more or less on a whim. It’s a cozy and versatile scarf, to be sure, but I thought of it as more utilitarian than anything.¬†But holy moly, does it ever draw comments. Of all of the wildly printed, brightly colored scarves I own and wear, I would never have pegged this one as the crowd favorite. Go figure.

Do you have anything in your closet that gets lots of unexpected praise?


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7 Responses to “Dressed for: That Scarf”

  1. Susan Daniel

    Your scarf is a classic and people usually admire a really well done classic. Wear it more often and styled in different ways. It’s a winner!

  2. Suzanne Carillo

    The scarf is quite lovely, even in the non-colours. I often choose statement pieces for my wardrobe and they get quite a few compliments, the unexpected compliments are for my black leather motorcycle jacket. I’d been looking for “the one” for what seemed like forever and I guess in the end (if I go by the number of compliments it gets) it was worth the wait.


  3. Kinsey

    I can see why people comment on your scarf- it is beautiful and looks so cozy. I find it interesting what people comment on in my own wardrobe, because it’s always an item I’m not expecting to draw attention!

  4. what not

    I have a white sweatshirt with a black, stylized chicken on the front. I just thought it was fun and goofy; apparently everyone else likes it, too!

  5. That's Not My Age

    Fab photos & fab scarf. And you were in Cardiff (Edinburgh, London)! One of my best friends lives there…