Casual Outfit Roundup: Week of April 4

Green henley, Boden
Denim pleated skirt, thrifted
Red shoes, Dansko Marcelle
Red bangle, thrifted
Red necklace, Bellina

There’s something so wonderfully springy about pale green and red worn together, don’t you think? This henley is years and years old, but I love it for its enboobening qualities.

White cardi, Calvin Klein
Polka dot dress, thrifted
Faux pearl earrings, mcfarlanddesigns
Black flats, Target
Flower brooch, don’t remember

Wore this to the Easter festivities at the in-laws. The cardi is actually meant to be worn open, but it didn’t work with the lines of the dress, so I tacked it down with a brooch and cemented it in place with some fashion tape.

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24 Responses to “Casual Outfit Roundup: Week of April 4”

  1. Laura.

    oh, i think you're rocking the flats! the first outfit looks great with the longer leggings. and i really like your solution to the cardi in the third outfit–the little flower is a great touch. AND, it's so nice to see green grass in your photos 🙂

  2. Corrine/Frock And Roll

    You look so ridiculously cute in that first image, Sal! The pony tail! (Fab.) The shirt dress! (Excellent.) Love, love, love!

  3. eek

    My favorite look was the first one with the denim dress and leggings. The proportions are perfect and I think you look great in flats!

  4. Clare

    I'm a big, BIG fan of that first outfit with the denim shirt dress. and the lime green/red outfit is divinely springy. And how are the Danskos on your back? Do those qualify as "flats"? They're truly adorable.

  5. Rad_in_Broolyn

    I meant to ask earlier how your back was doing? I hope that you're making progress on the PT front.
    I am jumping on the "loving the denim dress" bandwagon. The layer of the dresses, the leggings, the flats- so effortless, chic, and original. Why haven't I paired a jersey dress with a woven shirt dress? So smart!
    Also loving the flower brooch. You are the master of the shorter cardigan!

  6. Ecc3ntricCynic

    I love the denim dress! Also you always manage to pair green and red so well without looking like Christmas. It always looks fantastic. (also heehee enbooben)

    I like the flats too. Hope you're warming up to them and feeling better.

  7. Louise

    You are, indeed, enboobened. With one swell foop, that word has permanently entered my husband's vocabulary.

  8. Vix

    Love the subtle tone-on-tone you've got going with the brooch/cardigan, as well as the silhouette that created!

  9. Nadine

    You honestly look really, really cute in flats! Embrace the flatness – it's all good.

  10. WendyB

    Your denim piece reminds me of an outfit I have to wear. Thanks!

  11. fashionflirt

    I love the look of the first outfit! You can totally rock the flats, too.

  12. Winnie

    Ooh I love the denim shirt! I still don't own one but I do think that I must swing by the charity shops and look for one!

  13. Sox

    I was wondering if Dansko had any cute red shoes. The Marcelle's are definitely cute and red. I'll have to look at their site again!
    You definitely look great and ready for spring.

  14. Jean

    Denim/tank dress/flats = chic, chic, chic!!!!

    Sal, I also love what you did with the white cardigan. You've given me two much-needed solutions here. I have a cropped sweater of similar length and it has just ended up "boxy" next to any dress. This will work. 🙂


  15. M

    there's no place like home, there's no place like home. i love your red shoes!


  16. Anonymous

    I know you're having a tough time with flats and that you love Fluevog. Have you ever tried the Fellowship Sandra?

    I got mine at Heavenly Soles (which I think is now closed…?) and I wear them a LOT. Not sure how you feel about the mary-jane style, but they're super comfortable.


  17. Audi

    Gorgeous looks, Sal. Those red Danskos are so wonderfully festive, and they look brilliant with the green.

  18. Sarah

    I love that black polka-dotted dress!! And that cardigan with the broach – great idea!!

  19. All Women Stalker

    You are very much rocking flats shoes. Love love these outfits! 🙂

  20. angie

    I LOVE the denim tunic outfit with the ankle length leggings and flats, Sally. This is the best casual outfit I seen you post.Sophisticated and edgy at the same time. KILLER.

  21. Sal

    Clare: They're totally fine, back-wise for me. The Dansko clog has a platform, but not much of an incline!

    Rad_in_Broolyn: Definitely improving, thanks for asking. The PT is working wonders!

    Anonymous(2)/Jenny: Thanks, lady! I have a couple of pairs of Fluevogs with tiny nub heels that I haven't trotted out yet. They're pretty hard-soled, so I'm wary … but will definitely give them a try. The Fellowship line never really floated my boat – that heel style doesn't do it for me somehow! Don't you miss Heavenly Soles? Sigh …

  22. Chelsea

    I love what you've done with the denim dress! The ankle length leggings look like the perfect choice… I need to get my hands on leggings that length. All the ones I end up with are mid calf and not as flattering!

    Also the pale green and red is an amazing combo!