Casual Outfit: Week of August 8

Brown blazer, fitted
White tank, Benneton
Khaki skirt, Banana Republic via eBay
Blue necklace, Talbots
Blue platforms, Marni via Yoox

I wore this to live blog from the Fabulosity event, which was super fun! Big thanks to the Midwest Divas for inviting me.

I’d bought the necklace the day before totally on impulse, but was delighted to realize that it perfectly matched these also-new shoes.

I’ve often professed my love for Marni, but never actually bought something from the designer’s line. When an unexpected windfall and a giant sale on Yoox coincided, I didn’t hesitate. These set me back $150, less than most of my Fluevogs. And yes, these are a bit challenging to walk in, but I’m up to the challenge.

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45 Responses to “Casual Outfit: Week of August 8”

  1. eek

    Great looks…those Marni platforms are to die for. Can't believe you scored them for $150 – you are definitely a great bargain hunter πŸ™‚

  2. K.Line

    2 great outfits, Sal! Did you remove the shelf from the dress? Curious to know if that's pretty easy to do?

  3. Nique

    Amen on the shelf bra! Who likes shelf bras? They smoosh to give that lovely uniboob look, yet they are not really supportive enough so that I can go without a bra. Yuk!
    BTW-I love your gray Diesel Go-Go boots. I drool everytime you wear them. I can't find them anywhere, and there is nothing really comparable out there right now. Maybe a pair will pop up on Ebay (I hope. I hope.)

  4. Jodi

    I like the first outfit and the boots together, good color mix and style!! I'm always getting good ideas from you!! Happy Weekend! J

  5. Megan Mae

    Those platforms are amaaazing! Great price on them too. I love the color of the first dress.

    I like shelf bras because if it's a dress or top that needs a strapless bra, it keeps the bra up for me. I have bad luck finding a strapless bra that fits, much less stays up.

  6. Sarah R

    I want that dress in every color. Seriously. Do they come in plus size? Because I have four months of summer left. (sobbbbbb)
    As far as the shelf bra is concerned, I'm a 42DD. I appreciate them, big time.

  7. Emma at Daily Clothes Fix

    Love the wonder woman outfit. The colours are beautiful and the double cuffs are perfect.

    And you have blue shoes. I want, no, need blue shoes. And these are gorgeous. I would be totally jealous but you're too lovely and therefore i am simply pleased for you. Amazing find – just be careful in them.

  8. Rad_in_Broolyn

    You look so great in the colors of that first outfit! You make me want to wear seafoam! And those boots. Those bracelets. Be still, my heart.

  9. GlamaRuth

    I think these are two my favorite of your outfits, ever! The blues-and-beiges combo really works on you, those Marni shoes are killer (probably a good thing they don't come in my size) and I am now checking out Athleta's sale…

  10. Healthy and Homemade

    That first outfit? You are a vision. It's styled perfectly!

  11. Marie

    Both looks are great, but I especially like that second outfit. Not to mention the shoes and the boots are gorgeous.

  12. Rebecca

    Oh my goodness – the first look is so … PRETTY. You always look good, but in this shot you look so serene, feminine, soft and relaxed. It is an AWESOME look for you. And that colour is stunning on your complexion.

  13. Heather

    You look Great some more fabulous outfits!! The blue shoes are awesome. I like your colorful tattoos..I have been thinking of adding color to my collection but so far they are all black ;D ~Heather

  14. Sal

    Sarah R: They don't. Athleta is yet to do plus sizes, and I SO wish they would!


    I was wondering if the economy has affected your purchasing decisions and if so do you shop at thrift stores? This would be a great topic for an article as so many of us are leaning more towards thrift. Honestly buying a pair of 150 dollar shoes would be compared to skipping food for an entire week πŸ™‚
    Thanks! Reva

  16. Sarah R

    Darn shame, Sal. That dress is the perfect cut for us full figured gals. I can tell just by looking at the seams. I'm eventually just going to learn to sew so I can get what I want.

  17. Sidewalk Chalk

    Sal, that shade of seafoam green is so lovely on you. Absolutely beautiful. And those Marni shoes are amazing.

    I hate shelf bras too.

  18. Sheila

    Wow, those shoes are killer! Love them.

    That dress is amazing on you: the colour, the cut! Fab! I agree, I loathe shelf bras. Um, thank you, I can figure out for myself what to do with my boobs.

  19. Lorena

    Both looks are great on you. But my eyes are set on your blue shoes… just K-POW WOW.

  20. IrishRedRose

    Ya know, I think those blue platforms might also be lovely with the exquisite seafoam dress! Those colors are GORGEOUS with your complexion. I agree the shoes look challenging, but that shade of blue and the overall styling are indeed irresistable! I love both these outfits. Eshpeshally the kickass matching cuffs lol!!

  21. IrishRedRose

    …forgot to add…I was so excited about the shoes yanno…that the seafoam dress is wildly emboobening. πŸ˜‰

  22. Audi

    Oh, those shoes are just divine! And I love the Wonder Woman pose.

  23. Laura

    Both of those outfits are fantastic, and the color of the dress is great on you.

  24. V

    Athleta carries a few things in 1X and 2X, so it's worth checking, if those sizes are plausible. I've ordered the same skirt from them in XL and 1X before just to see what's better. (It's one of the few instances of being overserved as an inbetweenie!)

  25. rb

    wow wow wow i just LOVE those Marni sandals! why do you do this to a person who now is supposed to wear old-lady shoes???

    if I owned them I imagine I'd go to the plastic surgeon and get those numbing injections and wear the Marnis all the time – to work, to the grocery, to walk the dog.

    they'd be worth it.

    please don't tell my podiatrist I said this.


  26. lyrebirdgully

    That second outfit is so COOOL.. how clever are you, to use navy not as a base colour, but as an accent! and, over 3 graded shades of brown! am stealing this colour combo straight away.
    BTW, the outfit components are really well balanced – as is the background composition of the pic- kudos to the photographer!

  27. GlitrVamp

    Nice Wonder Woman pose, lol! πŸ™‚ I have to agree with everyone, both of these outfits look great on you. I am really tempted to buy one of those dresses…. And the second outfit, I love the mix of blue with all those browns. I like blue with black, but for some reason I think I prefer it with brown. They just really balance each other out,especially the shades that you paired together.

  28. A-Dubs

    Sweet, sweet bootage with Athleta dress and hard core silver cuffs! 'Love the second ensemble, too. I am, once again, inspired!

  29. Anne

    Ooh, I love the blue dress! There's a lot of Athleta dresses that I'd like to get, so it's nice to see one on a real person πŸ™‚

    Also, for Sarah R., Athleta does in fact have plus sizes up to a 2X/size 20. I know that's still somewhat limited, and they don't make everything in plus, but they do have a decent plus selection.

  30. LPC

    I think that pale seafoam looks absolutely incredible on you. So porcelain.

  31. Sal

    Ack! It's true! Athleta DOES carry some plus sizes! I'm so glad to be wrong!

  32. Rebecca

    I love this blue shoes.

    I like shelf bras, but only for relaxing around the house. It is hard to wear them with a regular bra, because they make my chest look huge then.

  33. kneedle

    Sal, you just sold that Athleta dress to me in two colors (huckleberry and black)! I'm a longtime reader, first time commenter. I really love your blog and look up to you a lot. Like you, I am a tattooed half-Jew with crazy brown hair, small breasts, broad shoulders. . .Seeing how great that dress looked on you makes me confident I can rock it too.

    By the way, the fashion retrospective you posted the other day was very inspiring and encouraging to me. I feel I'm somewhere in the middle of that timeline (I just graduated from college), and you've been a huge source of ideas for me in developing my own style.

    Some people may say you are "just a blogger", but I want you to know you've made a huge difference in my self-confidence. You are by far my favorite read!

  34. Missa

    I LOVE the combo of the icy blue dress with the soft caramel hued boots, so pretty!

  35. AbraCat

    I just love those blue shoes, but I have terrible knees and can't wear high heels. I'll just admire from afar. Sigh.

  36. Sal

    kneedle: You'll love that dress, lady, I swear. And thank you so much for your kind words! You made me blush. πŸ˜‰

  37. Michelle

    love the 2nd look! What a great outfit and the blue is such a surprise. Hope I can recreate something similar.

  38. lopi

    I love that shade of pale blue on you, it's so perfect for your complexion!
    And what can I say about the Marni sandals other than JEALOUS???

  39. Clare

    These are both unbelievably superb, but remind me again of how badly I need a pair of those Diesel Go-gos. Bad news for a gal on a shopping ban. πŸ™‚

  40. Sam from Hundy and Undy

    Sal, I think this is one of my favorite outfits on you! It is so, so flattering. I am in love with the neutrals with the color of those shoes and necklace!

  41. All Women Stalker

    You bought a few? What colors didja get? πŸ™‚ That looks comfy:)

  42. Kyla

    This is fantastic! Love the pops of blue and that jacket is awesome!