Special Outfit: Week of March 7

Black top, a thrifted gift from my mom
Silver skirt, eBay overdyed by me
Fishnets, CK via Nordstrom Rack
Black scarf worn as shawl, no idea
Black ribbon worn as belt, ditto
Black pumps, Tsubo Acrea
Rhinestone bracelet, J.Crew

I wore nothing of import during the day on Sunday as we puttered around the house in anticipation of the evening. As I’ve mentioned ad nauseum, HM won a celebrity lookalike contest, so we got to attend a fancy Oscar party, cocktail attire and all.

I desperately wanted to wear something OTHER than black, but I don’t actually have a ton of cocktail attire in my massive wardrobe, and this was my favorite option. So I fit right in with the other million black-garbed ladies.

Suit, Michael Kors via Marshalls
Tie, Burberry via Marshalls
Custom-made shirt, courtesy Biased Cut
Shoes, John Fluevog

Luckily HM didn’t have to DRESS as Meryl. He looked very dapper in his suit, don’t you think? If we get some photos from the event of the two of us together, I’ll post those. Promise.

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24 Responses to “Special Outfit: Week of March 7”

  1. The Closet of Kim

    I love your casual outfits this week, especially that brown one! I have a vest that looks just like that and I love how you wore it. I'm glad you went with the boots. HM was right – wear what you want!

    You both looked amazing for your Oscar night too!

  2. Rebecca

    Fun to see HM! Of the outfits in this particular post, the brown was my favorite. I enjoy studying the layers and trying to figure out if I can EVER possibly do ANYthing similar (still haven't figured it out)!

  3. Kendi Lea

    That 3rd outfit is marvelous!! Your hair looks amazing there too. And look how great that suit is on your HM! Quite the pair, you two…

  4. K.Line

    HM – looking fine! And Sal, I love you in your award get up. The top and scarf ensemble is just beautiful on you.

  5. Marianna

    Gorgeous outfits! I've been itching for a cute little vest like that!

  6. A-C

    Love the cocktail outfit. And remember, at least the whole outfit wasn't black!

    HM's advice about wearing the boots rocks. He obviously knows how to keep you happy. good catch! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Missa

    I love the monochromatic layers in the second outfit and I think the boots are perfect. I also love that little extra punch from the peek of polka dots ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Diana

    Beautiful outfits! I love your cocktail attire – the outfit is still very "you", while looking dressed up enough for a fancy party.


    thanks so much for your helpful tip! Fashion bloggers are the best ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. vintagewithatwist

    love these outfits! the brown sweater dress looks great with the vest!

  11. Ecc3ntricCynic

    I love the brown based outfit. I think the shoes were a good choice. It's got that balance of hard and soft. My favorite part is the polka dot skirt

  12. Sunny

    Your second and third outfit are absolutely stunning and sexy!! and its great seeing HM too!

  13. Jane W.

    Love the outfit with the vest, and the "double skirt" effect. HM looks snazzy in his vogs.

  14. lopi

    I just love that second outfit, the dotty silk skirt peeking from the hem is just a great detail, adding length too! And I don't think you needed more feminine shoes, IMHO short hemlines look better with less feminine shoes, otherwise they can risk getting too sexy, if you know what I mean. So, I'll have to team up with HM and his judgment!

  15. Clare

    These are some of the best outfits of yours, ever. The brown boots and vest one is just so fantastic!

  16. Winnie

    Sal, I adore the waistcoat outfit! So cute and so nice to be able to put a face to a name for HM!

  17. Linda

    Damn, he DOES look like Meryl Streep! I love your festive attire.

  18. Angela

    Holy mazoli, that purple and brown outfit speaks to me. I do like layers and vests for one, and the boots and hint of funky polka dots are just marvelous. Ack! Styled it up, lady! Also, your Oscars party outfit is beautiful. I am taken aback. I thought the scarf and ribbon were actually part of the shirt…really nice effect you created. I hope you had a magical time!

  19. Sidewalk Chalk

    Love your outfits this week, and I'm especially loving your Tessa boots and Oscar outfit.

    So fun that you got to do the Oscar party — you two make quite the lovely pair ๐Ÿ™‚

    – JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

  20. enc

    You know, I can't concentrate on the outfits, because I'm so distracted by how good your arms and legs look!

  21. kristophine

    That sweater dress outfit is wonderful! You know my bias–the more steampunk, the better.

  22. Audi

    You two look wonderful in your Oscar party outfits. I just love those new Frye boots, too, and the fact that you put together an outfit almost entirely of brown and still managed to make it look fresh and interesting.

  23. Chelsea

    oh that black top for the oscar party is just lovely! very non-mainstream black so I'm sure you stood out despite the popular color pallette ๐Ÿ™‚

    and that brown outfit is adorable! I love it, and the boots look great in my humble opinion. LOVE the layering! and the vest is fabulous!!