Casual Outfit Roundup: Week of May 15

Already Pretty outfit featuring cashmere cardigan

Cashmere caridgan, via Opitzsimilar shape
MN graphic tee, Bibelot
Jeans, thrifted – same style and brand
Boots, John Fluevog Derby Swirl – a gift!

Sometimes you just want to pretend it’s the ’90s, ya know? We did a ton of errands on Saturday and it was cold and rainy, so I opted for a cozy outfit with jeans and boots.

This tee set me back nearly $40, which is absolutely exorbitant. But I’d eyed it twice and kept daydreaming about it. I ADORE the clever graphics, which capture so many of my favorite things about my adopted home state. Prince! The State Fair! Bob Dylan! Lakes! The Mary Tyler Moore statue! Adorable.

Reader Cat wrote me a while back and said she had a pair of lonely Fluevog boots that were headed to the thrift store … unless I wanted them. As you can imagine, I nearly hit the ceiling with joy. These Derby Swirl combat boots have a faint maroon tint to them, and they are comfy and badass and I adore Cat forever for sending them my way.

Already Pretty outfit featuring denim shirt

Denim shirt, thrifted – similar
Dress, Athleta (no longer available) – similar details
Boots, Frye Carson Pull On
Necklace, via Gilt Groupesimilar items

My spring outfit list is chock full of great ideas, but few of them involve flat shoes, so I’ve been winging it a bit more. Built this ensemble from the boots up, and felt very springy adding that light green to the mix.

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20 Responses to “Casual Outfit Roundup: Week of May 15”

  1. joann, sidewalk chic

    I love all the shades of purple in these outfits, especially that dusty rose zip-up. The hood ruching/ruffling makes it look really cool…

    I am always down for pretending it’s the 90s. Love your Minnesota shirt!

  2. JG

    Oooh, I found that t-shirt design printed on some glasses last weekend at a thrift store! It’s so cute.

  3. T.

    I lived in the Twin Cities for a couple of years a long time ago. Love that MN shirt! I miss the Bibelot shop! I miss all of Grand Avenue. Sniff sniff.

  4. Anne At Large

    I went to see Prince this week so my first concern was that he might not be on your shirt! Glad to see he’s there too đŸ™‚

  5. Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

    Love that tee! I have a collection of vintage scarves with Florida attractions on them (pre-Disney!). I can’t give them up even though they don’t really fit my vibe.
    When I see those magenta boots, I swoon. : >

  6. Jan

    You are SO cute in the MN t-shirt and roll-up jeans (not to mention the Fluevogs)!

  7. Cathy Benavides

    That long hoodie is probably the coolest piece of clothing I’ve seen this year! It’s like a dress, but totally functional at keeping you warm. And the ruching on the hood and pockets is so much fun!!

  8. Anat

    I really love the combination of light green and fuchsia in the last ensemble!

  9. Terri

    I’m not from Minnesota, but I love that tee shirt especially because Mary Tyler Moore is on it! You’re gonna make it after all!

  10. anya

    I just love the green/magenta combo . It suits you well. But why the cuffed jeans? The boots/cardi combo is super, but i feel some un-rolled jeans would make the outfit just as interesting.

  11. Dianne

    I love your style, the boots, the ‘hoodie’, the variety of looks! I was so inspired yesterday, that I spent over half the day trying different combinations of items in my wardrobe, and discovered that the dark brown pencil skirt, which I had always thought of as more ‘formal’ can actually be ‘dressed down’ and works really well with all of my varied boots, little fitted jackets and t’s and tanks.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. Megan Mae

    Well I suppose I’m regressing because I kindof totally love everything to do with the second outfit. I love the graphic tee, the gifted fluevogs (omgawesome) and the fit of the jeans.

  13. Cel

    I looove that last outfit with the boots and green skirt, super cute!

  14. Cel

    Derp, green DRESS. I meant dress. My brain is on vacay. And since I am commenting again… the necklace is awesome too! I’m not usually one for anything that isn’t perfectly symmetrical (I’m weird when it comes to symmetry) but that is really cool.