Casual Outfit Roundup: Week of October 17

Bolero hoodie, thrifted
Dress, Athleta
Boots, John Fluevog Heidi
Onyx necklace, Puffluna

I foolishly forgot to ask HM to do a photo of the little hood on this bolero. Next time, promise. It’s beyond fab.

Simon Kitty is generally so well-behaved when we give him smidgens of outside time, but lately he’s been a bit naughty. Threatening to jump down from the porch and scamper off. I had to give him the what-for:


White tunic, Old Navy
Purple tweed vest, eBay
Jeggings, Hue
Boots, BCBGeneration Doris
Necklace and bracelet, thrifted

Bought this tunic shirt in spring and never wore it until this past weekend. It is SO sheer and I couldn’t find a way to layer it that didn’t look awkward. But clearly it’s meant for fall and winter, not spring. I’m thinking it’ll look fab with long cardigans.

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25 Responses to “Casual Outfit Roundup: Week of October 17”

  1. angie

    I also end up doing my hair like that. It's easy and super fast especially when 3 little ones fight for your attention.

  2. angie

    I also end up doing my hair like that most of the time. It's super fast especially when 3 little ones fight for my attention.

  3. Diana

    I love these outfits – they all look so cozy and comfy! Also, I love it when things like boleros have unexpected hoods! So fun.

    I actually adore sheer white blouses – I think they are much softer looking (and feeling) than really stiff starched white shirts, particularly when they are tunic length. I actually rather like them with a really bright color (like red) cami underneath, and I leave the top button open to let the color peep out.

    You *may* still be able to put your hair up in a ponytail … (disclaimer though : this works for me, but my hair, while being the same length as yours now, is straight). What I do is take the front parts and twist them around to keep them from falling out of the ponytail (kinda like really quick and dirty heidi braids, I guess), then gather up the rest and tie it all up.

  4. Tabithia

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one that's "lazy" about my hair. I do my hair up like this all the time, and if I'm lounging at home it's probably even hirer up on my head.

    I used to have to straighten my hair every day after I got an awful haircut, and even though I love how my hair looks now straightened I'm tired of rushing in the mornings. I've actually stopped brushing my hair unless it's tangled and I'm getting lots of compliments. One day it curls perfectly, the next day it's straight and fab. So hey, why try so hard???

  5. Maggiethecat

    Lol at the pic with kitty, it's absolutely perfect for Halloween. Lovely turning leaves in the background (no such thing in my part of the world), and the outfit looks like just the thing for a modern-day Samantha, complete with cat familiar.

  6. Marija

    Love the kitty pic. I'm missing my kitties as it gets cooler. They make great portable heaters. 🙂 By the way my three year old son always says "A beautiful mommy!" When I looks at your posts. I can't remember if you have a little one but I guess you'll be beautiful mommy to us now!

  7. La Historiadora de Moda

    I love that photo of you bossing Simon around! All of these outfits are awesome! I'm especially enamored of the vest, jeggings, boots combo!

  8. Anonymous

    I wonder if you could get a similar look with two side-knots (as opposed to a back knot)? I think it would look adorable if it worked.

    – Tessa

  9. Anonymous

    I actually LOVE the Sunday outfit, Sal–cozy and cute! I just bought two long tunic sweaters (not quite dresses)–one a hooded cardigan, and the other a cowl-neck pullover–so I plan to wear just that kind of outfit a lot this winter, over the weekend or when I work at home.

  10. Cynthia

    Love those Athleta dresses, I'm so tempted by them right now because my favorite, the Dhara dress, is on sale.

  11. Erin

    I loved many of your summer outfits, but there's something I just adore about your fall casual outfits. Maybe it's that cool-weather clothes are your thing.

  12. Anonymous

    Love these posts. AND loved the piece about you in "Minnesota Monthly" — wasn't sure how to give a congratulations shout out…hope this will suffice. Susan

  13. enc

    I have to comment on how good that tweed vest looks on you, Sal! It's really very flattering. I love the whole outfit you put together with it, too. 😀

  14. Alterations Needed

    Loooove your tweedy vest! I'm a sucker for menswear. =)

  15. Between Laundry Days

    As per usual, your weekend outfit are big winners. I love the first two especially!

  16. Kari

    Sally, the outfit with your white tunic and your vest is one of my favorite outfits I've ever seen on you. The proportions in that outfit are perfect!

  17. Emma at Daily Clothes Fix

    I love the outfit with the waistcoat and shirt. You look gorgeous in it. Straight into my inspiration folder that goes.

  18. orchidsinbuttonholes

    Your "lazy up-do" looks so glam that I'd never imagine how easy it was to achieve that look. I love all these outfits, but the first one is my favorite – I love the rocker edge of those boots and mix of blacks (and the stern look you're giving your naughty but cute kitty).