Casual Outfit Week of September 4

Already Pretty outfit featuring Sophia Boot Lucky Brand Jeans

Floral shirt, Macy’s a million years ago – similar items
Oatmeal tee, Banana Republic (no longer available) – similar
Jeans, Sofia Boot courtesy Lucky Brand
Boots, Frye Harness 12R
Earrings, Macy’s (no longer available) – similar
Bracelets, Bibelotsimilar

Wore this for my last day at the office. I wanted to feel comfy and casual, knowing I’d be a bit emotional leaving behind my boss and coworkers, and this distinctly cowgirl-ish ensemble fit the bill.

These Lucky jeans are super soft and comfy, and its been ages since I owned a pair of great bootcuts. I’m sure they’ll be a staple for fall and winter.

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15 Responses to “Casual Outfit Week of September 4”

  1. Laurel

    I’ve loved the Land’s End dress since you first posted pics (you have a couple in different colors, right?) but I talked myself out of buying it. Here it is fall again and I’m still lusting after it. Sigh.

  2. Beckee

    Sal, the jeans outfit looks great on you! I love your Frye Harness 12R boots! I finally purchased a pair yesterday and cannot wait to wear them!

  3. Someone

    Love that asymmetrical vest! If I had that, I’d wear it similarly – but I’d also try it with a sleek straight black maxi skirt. 🙂

  4. Amy

    All three are adorable, and while they’re all different, they all look exactly like you. Love that.

  5. stefanie

    The first outfit is pretty much what I look
    like everyday- just got my Frye boots this week- love your blog 😀

  6. Megan Mae

    Audi jealous? I’M jealous! That vest is amazing. So edgy. I love how you can juxtapose a sweet cowgirly outfit like the first and then rocker and still make both work without having a really odd style fracture. Especially since outfit three is like a fusion of both styles.

  7. Hayley

    I hope you had a great (although undoubtedly emotional) last day at work, Sal.

    On an unrelated note, I still lust for a pair of Frye’s. Even at discounts I still can’t afford ’em. One day…

  8. Corrine/Frock & Roll

    Whooooa! Check out that magnificent hood on that top! And then there’s that gorgeous tartan FROCK! Fab-u-lous, lady!

    I hope you had a wonderful, albeit emotional, final day at work, and here’s to many, many happy years of freelancing.

  9. Belinda Gomez

    Dress and boots would be cuter with opaque tights–otherwise, you’re cut into thirds, and not great. See how much longer your legs look in the pants in the first photo. Ever hear of the Golden Mean? Works on people as well as architecture.

    I think you would do well to have someone photograph you in motion, rather than posing. Being caught in the moment is so much more flattering to non-professional models. Or maybe video?

  10. Terri

    Oh, the shirtdress! I envy! Admiring the asymmetric vest as well. Wishing you all the best on your new venture.

  11. Cel

    Wow, that Yuvita vest is so cool! Very unique. I went thrifting on Saturday too and got oodles of great stuff, but luckily everything I was wearing was easy on-and-off.

  12. Audi

    Ha — you are so right! I took one look at that vest and thought, “Heyyy, that ought to be in MY closet!” And it has a hood too — you’re killing me, Sal!