Cat Lady Chic

Asos midi skirt with Crossover front in scuba, Asos Curve cat print blouse, Torrid shoes

Skirt- Asos (in size US 14)

Blouse- Asos Curve (in size US 16)

Shoes- Torrid (no longer available) (similar here and here)

Asos midi skirt with Crossover front in scuba, Asos Curve cat print blouse, Torrid shoes

I will proudly wear anything that shows off my cat lady status, but I like to avoid looking too “cutesy” while doing it. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look cutesy of course, it’s just not for me because I’m not comfortable with it. So, in an attempt to balance out this whimsical print, I paired the blouse with this gorgeous Asos skirt. I love the classic midi length and wrap front, it feels sophisticated yet the pastel color matches the playful feel of the blouse.

Would you wear a cat print and how would you style it?

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11 Responses to “Cat Lady Chic”

  1. jan.4987

    When I contemplate wearing cat images myself, I feel stuck between two probable outcomes: faux-Parisian-elegance and Professor Umbridge. I don’t judge either on other people, though it probably sounds like it, but they’re not for me at all. I absolutely love cats and prints/images of cats, but I’m not sure how to make them work with my down-to-earth, rock n roll, and most definitely unFrench look. I do accessorise with them occasionally though, so there’s always that.

    I do think the above outfit really works though, I certainly wouldn’t class it as belonging to either of the outcomes I mention above. I’ll give some more thought to what makes it work; therein may lie the key to getting what I want out of cat-adorned clothes.

    • Weesha

      I think both those options are cute honestly, but at the end of the day, I think you should just wear whatever makes you happy. That’s usually the easiest way to develop your style identity, cat prints or no cat prints 🙂

      • jan.4987

        Thanks for the pep talk, and you do look lovely, I was too caught up in my grumbling to get that across! I think when the right thing for me comes up I’ll know it straight off, if I’m overthinking it probably means I just haven’t found the piece for me yet.

  2. fashionforgiants

    Fan-frickin-tastic. Firstly, I love your purple hair so much; it is beautiful on you. Second, that skirt is amazing. I love the cut and it fits you beautifully.

    As for cat print, I don’t actively seek it out, but I’d definitely wear this adorable blouse!

  3. ballewal

    Took me a second to realize that there are cats on the blouse. They just looked like stylized polka dots in the full length shot. Love it!

    • Weesha

      haha! I think it helps that it’s in a neutral black and white palette so it’s not OTT. Thank you!

  4. JB

    I’m not sure I would wear a cat print myself but it definitely works on you. But mostly I’m commenting just to say that your hair color looks amazing!! I’m not generally a huge fan of non-traditional hair colors, but wow, that purple color is so pretty on you. Love it!

    • Weesha

      Thank you so much! I can’t seem to let go for weird hair colors and I’m loving purple hair a lot 🙂