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This Week I Love …

… summery scarves.

I know that people have been wearing scarves year-round since the invention of scarves but I still feel like light, airy scarves designed for warm weather wear are a relatively new convention. Am I nuts? Have summery scarves been hip for eons and I just wasn’t paying attention?

Regardless, I always feel more comfortable when my neck is covered, so I adore wrapping myself in a gauzy cotton confection even in the sweltering heat. Especially since my office can get positively frigid … read more

Guest Post: Flattering Hats for Every Head

I’ve received several requests for some guidance about finding hats that work for specific face shapes. I’ve tried my hand at this topic before, but for real insight into the matter, I turned to my favorite milliner, Audi from Fashion for Nerds. How could someone who designs and hand-makes gorgeous hats steer us wrong, I ask you?

And, just as I expected, she’s outdone herself. So without further ado, I give you a comprehensive look at hat flattery by the incomparable Audi.

* * * * *

From the 18th century until the mid 1960’s, hats were an essential part of any fashionable woman’s wardrobe. Milliners came out with new styles every season, and hats were purchased right alongside all the latest dresses, shoes, and jackets. As dress codes loosened in the ’60s and fashion began to cater more towards the young, hats gradually fell out of favor until the art of millinery was all but extinct. These days, hats still don’t enjoy the prominent place in our collective wardrobe that they once did, but they have begun to trickle back into fashion, and as they do, many women find themselves at a loss to figure out which styles suit them best. read more

This week I love …

… my alpaca-blend ruana.

I’ve had an Eileen Fisher shawl at work for a couple of years now – a gift from my dear friend Jan – and that little love has saved me from Office AC-induced Hypothermia more times than I can count. But it’s red. A lovely shade of deep, purply red, but still red. And while red goes with nearly everything … it looks a little weird with my pale pinks and neon yellows. What I’m saying is that wrap can be a bit of an unintentional outfit-ruiner, ya feel me? read more