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Already Prettypoll: Fashion Week

I buy the Vogue Paris Collections compilation twice a year. I have a note in my calendar that reminds me when the coming season has been released, and I buy and devour it immediately. And then I cruise through again a few more times over the following months to digest and re-read the commentary. It’s a ritual I enjoy, and helps me stay informed about trends and high-fashion happenings.

But I could not possibly care less about Fashion Week. Which is really Fashion Month for the people who attend shows in multiple locales, and they all write endlessly about it. I imagine it’s very exciting to be there and get swept up in the glamour, but I’m much happier taking my time and flipping through the highlights several months later. read more

Already Prettypoll: The Visible Bra

Super-specific, I know, but I’m curious to hear your thoughts: I’ve come to love the look of cute bras showing through sheers, as well as a pretty strap peeking out from a neckline. I’ve even purchased a few fancy ones with the idea in mind that people other than myself and my husband will see them. (Or bits of them anyway.)

Why? Because I’ve loved the look on others. Because bras can gorgeous, and it really shouldn’t shock anyone to get a visible reminder that we wear them. Because it’s one of the few things that certain stylish French women do that really appeals to me. read more

Already Prettypoll: Workout Wear

Years ago, I wore wide-legged jersey pants and my husband’s discarded t-shirts to the gym. I didn’t want to spend money on clothes that would only get worn a couple of hours at a time and get soaked with sweat whenever in use, and didn’t really understand why anyone would.

Now I wear wicking tops and skirted capris, and actually feel happier and more comfortable in fitted togs than I did in my oversized ones. I don’t wear these clothes outside of the gym, but I see their value. They keep me cooler and drier, don’t bunch or wad when I move, and make me feel more stylish when I work out. read more