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Already Prettypoll: Photoshop Talk

Earlier this spring, a friend and I had a long conversation about women and the media. First, we lamented the fact that every single article written about a powerful woman described what she was wearing, how she did her hair, and/or the ways in her style and grooming had changed over the course of her career. But eventually we came around to Photoshop.

Some organizations, publications, and countries are fighting hard against photo retouching and the false notions it instills in the observing public. But, as former Marie Claire editor Liz Jones explains, the fashion industry and the media associated with it are NOT on board. They are resistant to body diversity, but they are even more resistant to going Photoshop-free. read more

Already Prettypoll: Your Wardrobe Palette

Years ago, I rebelled against the idea of creating a set palette of colors for my wardrobe. I loved ALL of the colors, and didn’t want to limit myself. But as time has passed and I’ve worked with more clients and my own style preferences have shifted, I’ve come to understand the utility of a palette. It narrows your shopping options, it helps create cohesion within your wardrobe, and it makes outfit assembly easier. My own current palette is mostly black, gray, and olive with burgundy, navy, and brown as secondary options. I’ve worked with clients who stuck to black and cool bright colors, ones who shifted to gray and jewel tones, and a few who worked with neutrals exclusively. Palettes are extremely personal. read more

Already Prettypoll: Low Rise, Mid Rise, or High Rise?

I am a high rise girl TO THE END. My baguette-shaped lower tummy forces anything lower than natural waist to create some serious abdominal subdivisions. Like me, many clients and friends were scarred by the low-rise-only 90s, and rejoice that comfy, fabulous high rises are available to us once more.

But I know full well that high rises won’t work for everyone. If you carry your weight in your midsection and have narrow hips, a mid or low rise could be perfect. Depending on your torso and leg lengths, high rises may be uncomfortable and unflattering. It’s all down to personal preference and comfort. read more